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  1. 1-60 without any problem, so easy to setup accounts.
  2. Make sure to change your proxies after you get a couple of accounts banned on each guys, I ended up with 10 flagged proxies and lost 20 accounts within a week.
  3. I woud like to apologize for blaming the script for my bans, my proxies got obviously flagged after creating some new accounts and getting banned within hours.
  4. I had some combat levels on each accounts along with some quests completed and fishing was leveled up on member worlds after buying membership. I used smart breaks too.
  5. 10 accounts on 10 different proxies, ALL banned overnight. I'm done with this script, it's not a matter of flagged IP it's a matter of script being detected.
  6. Time to yolo my only remaining woodcutting account and see if it's working right.
  7. Earlier today, I had the same error message I posted a couple of posts ago but when I logged in, my axe wasn't even broken.
  8. Guess I got unlucky, all these accounts were about 1 week old. Got 1 account that survived wich was created a couple of weeks ago. From my experience, when accounts last more than 2 weeks they are good to go for a long time. Rarely happens, had 2 so far in about 15.
  9. Logging in on some accounts this morning, everthing is going fine. After a couple of minutes I check back on the accounts, all logged out trying to worldhop from botting worlds, trying to log back in, all perm-banned.
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