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  1. the update link from the client didnt do anything. I replaced my class files with the new ones but it still ays there is an update. advice?
  2. not looking too good. similar rates here.
  3. Have died twice. Is the old version (not 2.0) working for everyone?
  4. Do show! Also I'm glad you raised the price. I wouldn't argue against raising it even more. This script makes so much money, and other people are asking like 2m for their less impressive scripts.
  5. When is this script getting an update? Getting 320 an hour but the potential is there for much more. Got me 99 hunting and a bunch of cahs, THANK YOU
  6. Script rules. Sorry to all those who are getting banned!
  7. still pauses a lot. could be doing like 370 an hour if it wouldnt pause
  8. whatdya mean? Tribot 1.55, and 1.5.5 for qqqChins
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