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  1. I bought this script a few days ago and used it for 10 minutes and I'm not happy with the way it runs, can i get a refund please?
  2. Hi I bought the bot a few days ago and have used it for no more then 10 minutes. I wanted to cut oaks with it but it doesn't support seers village nor do I like the way it cuts at varrock. I am after a refund if possible please and thankyou.
  3. whats the chances on dying with this? im a 10 hp hc, not sure if its worth the risk cheers
  4. Can you please make it to use super restores as an option, Im using it on my iron and I have no ppots or seeds but heaps of supers.
  5. does it support antipoisons and ibans blast? want it for my ironman
  6. this has only ever happened while running a scrip via tribot though? I haven't entered my details into a phishing website, no one knows my password and my computer is clean :/
  7. I ran the exNMZ bot last night and all went well for about 3 hours until I had come back and seen my acc naked in lumby and my dharok, fury and b ring gone and my bank pin attempted to be removed. Whats up with that? not the first time it's happened either, I was hacked for about 50m when running USA's agility bot. Has this happened to anyone else?
  8. I am having a problem where the scripts isn't grabbing my gear, I have tried deleting the folder via %appdata% and also clicking on my gear tab but still nothing. Any fix?
  9. alrighty would like someone to explain why i now have nothing on my account and my name is changed to dont bot? I ran this script last night before I went to bed and i believe when i went to change course it went to g.e and traded everything to another account. Will message tribot about this if I dont get my 74 mil back
  10. Can someone please share some insight on what to buy? i have 15m and and sitting at like 60k p/h. Willing to pay 5m for a list that will make 1m+ per hour or will pay for something that will make me more.
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