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  1. Oh yeah. when it has a ogres task, it says its a mogres task, but check this out http://gyazo.com/1ff2bb7ccabfe4c3346ad9dfd31dfed3 http://gyazo.com/e698a869e1fa1d2b7fe9dfa678ff0546
  2. Got a task from chaeldar without completing lost city, how the hell did it do that lmao? Don't have lunars to.. http://gyazo.com/4cff48b710de546ca0efa63fc1445b99
  3. I have a problem with looting, it sometimes misclicks the object on the ground, and gets stuck. It will look like this http://gyazo.com/337a75275cd2e731c1d813e69812de25 Fix please;d?
  4. Script does something wrong with dungeons, it failed at the hill giants and just keeps clicking to 1 corner
  5. Can u add anchovies pizza to food list? Heals alot and is really easy to make.. Thanks
  6. I can verify the cave bug issue. Also the al kharid 10gp port doesnt work, was stuck there with 2 other bots yesterday
  7. So here are some details: 07scape What i want it to do? : I want it to teleport somewhere using a neckalce, walk somewhere, kill monsters untill it is out of food, teleport back again, using the necklace. And repeat. How much would that cost?
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