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  1. Warfront, could you please add cut & string,?
  2. Im not stupid. I did everything and more to make it run good. I believe it might have to do with lagg that it runs to a corner on PC outside of the bank. But that is no reason at all as it should just walk back to the bank. Other fletching scripts just walk back.
  3. please fix when using proxies scripts not showing anymore
  4. Yup, he pretends he will ''look'' into it, even tho i dont see any changes or fixes at alll Also he keeps saying its flawless which it isnt.
  5. warfrant cn you please fix the bug when cutting logs to maple long (U) where it clicks back and forth knife>logs
  6. Zum, I dont have this bot yet, but Ive been reading alot and are you sure you have the master on the right position? Just something that could help
  7. But if it dies with nature running(slave) wouldnt you be losing all the rune essence? and money
  8. Hey lee, I want to bot this, but im too lazy to get 20 CB for 12 accounts. ANy suggestions? what will happen if i run it with cb 3's
  9. Where do people actually bot this.. it gets stuck outside pest control bank and at varrock west bank ends up in basement or outside the bank.
  10. Dont know if druids or yours.. but he has proggresive leveling which I know is good, do you have something like that ex; i leave acc with 1 wc i come back to a high lvl like being able to cut yews, switch axes/tree's?
  11. Thank you for this update! Also (with proxies)
  12. Hmm, i think it's too buggy atm. It's a good method tho but need more fixes i think and ill consider buying then
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