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  1. Did you get permabanned on your main? I have a main account too which has 2 day ban expired from last year, and I was considering to bot on that.
  2. Just bought the script, really enjoying it so far! And eating works fine for me, using lobsters. +1 Really happy with my purchase. Trying to get from 40/40/40 to probably 70/70/70 for now and then -> NMZ
  3. @erickho123 Hi, I bought this script long time ago when it was one payment for lifetime. Do I still have access to it or do I have to buy the monthly version instead? Thanks!
  4. Do you mean the private red chin hunting place? If you have done western provinces hards, I would go there.
  5. You probably selected glory as a teleport method, but you didn't have a charged one in the bank I guess?
  6. @erickho123 When the bot is below the emergency HP and it manages to get through the obstacle it will go to nature rift normaly but then it uses glory teleport to edgeville, without crafting the runes. Could you take a look on this? Not a big deal tho. Great script enjoying it a lot at the moment! +1
  7. Am I doing something wrong? When I had RC level below 75 and used the 3 first pouches I used to get 1800~ ish nats/h. Now I leveled 75 couple of days ago and I'm also using the giant pouch so all the 4 of them. And now i'm getting only 1600~ish nats/h? Is anyone else experiencing this also? Thanks!
  8. @plore1Did you bot on a "main" acc or just one-shotted it with a fresh 3 lv? And did you do red or black chins?
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