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  1. These were bought in 2014 so it appears I am good. Some of the scripts are yours USA
  2. I bought a bunch of scripts years ago, and I noticed most changed from lifetime unlimited auths to monthly/per auth, if I bought when it was lifetime unlimited auths is that still the case?
  3. Good evening, Been a few years. I purchased this script back in 2014, and I guess I was grandfathered into where I still have a lifetime subscription? I could have sworn if you ran out of something or if the script needed some materials it would go buy it itself. Is this not the case anymore?
  4. How do I flag certain task for prayer? I want to add all dragons to be fought using prayer gear and pray options. I set my gear for dragons but dont see how to just flag certain task for pray. Also where do I tell it how many pray pots to withdraw and such. Also it's not checking for gear when it goes to fight. This started pretty recently
  5. Hmmm not sure how but just got a macroing ban using this script. Felt pretty safe as the script is fairly complex but I guess that is how it goes.
  6. Would be absolutely delightful.
  7. Stronghold Slayer Cave is kinda fucked. Won't climb over mudpile, and the pathing is all messed it. Sent logs in on skype Lol ran to stronghold, then teled to lumbridge, then varrock, and now going back to the tree tele in varrock Wtf dude
  8. Fungis are not working. Doesnt check for fungicide nor doest it click correctly
  9. Pathing to Cave Bugs is glitched. When walking through the cementary it's spam clicking too far and on both sides of the fence line, so the character just paths back and forth. Also Green Dragon issue is still occuring where it randomal runs to skeletons, and is stuck on attacking task.
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