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  1. Life is a great trial

  2. whats the cpu usage like?
  3. jh1n3s

    Jagex COVID19

    Captain.... Sherlock....
  4. It feels sketchy to type it here cause I feel as though jagex reads this shit... But fuck it I am suiciding a main which I made 2 months ago lol... hes 98att 98str 94def... dharok rapid heal flick all the way... also my pures are high stats now too lmfao been back on rs for 2 months got a maxed 60att pure maxed mauler and nearly maxed main may god be with me hope i sneak maxed
  5. jh1n3s

    First ban

    Mining and other gold farmy type shit is almost a guaranteed ban at some point.
  6. @erickho123 this script is insane. My account is 2 weeks old already 96 range and I've only botted Friday-Sunday . Thought I'd surely be banned by now.
  7. jh1n3s

    Pure Question

    You should be at Nightmare Zone dude wtf..
  8. what script were you using? how many hours botted?
  9. So after a few days of using this great piece of work, I've found it to work better with these GUI settings. My most recent realization was the looting bag option: when INVENT IS FULL. There is a flaw though, it is most of the time not banking the contents of my looting bag, sometimes even when the looting bag is full it will return to drags without emptying it! Could you please look into this? I have accounts if needed. Occasionally my player will take a stroll to Edge bank for no reason without teleporting. He walks to ditch lol. Anyways here are my settings.
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