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  1. Well I need to bot and theres no option to turn it off with my registered email
  2. My phone got destroyed in the road now I can't get to my google authentication app. I can't even view the security settings on my account without entering code? Do I just make a new account now Lol?
  3. I wanted to use my scout bot via LG and pk with my hotkey plugins thru open osrs. So am I supposed to have the legacy launcher and jdk 11 to run the open-osrs shaded? I have been crashing open osrs when trying LG thru the up to date tribot client The open osrs shaded client crashes (closes itself completely) on LG usually when I try to search something on grand exchange, never takes long otherwise tho either. can't get it to work
  4. Has anyone been able to fix this? I keep getting told to go use OSBuddy. But I have all the good plugins on OpenOSRS. I am using the open-osrs shaded jar like it said to. It would totally change the game for me if I was able to use that client w/tribot without crashing every single time. Paying top dollar for whoever can assist and fix.
  5. Life is a great trial

  6. whats the cpu usage like?
  7. Captain.... Sherlock....
  8. It feels sketchy to type it here cause I feel as though jagex reads this shit... But fuck it I am suiciding a main which I made 2 months ago lol... hes 98att 98str 94def... dharok rapid heal flick all the way... also my pures are high stats now too lmfao been back on rs for 2 months got a maxed 60att pure maxed mauler and nearly maxed main may god be with me hope i sneak maxed
  9. Mining and other gold farmy type shit is almost a guaranteed ban at some point.
  10. @erickho123 this script is insane. My account is 2 weeks old already 96 range and I've only botted Friday-Sunday . Thought I'd surely be banned by now.
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