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  1. just deleted hooks.dat and jagex cache and ran it again and it still does it. im currently makeing lumbridge tele tabs
  2. hello, the bot for some reason randomly tries to make falador tele for some reason, it had allready created 200+ lumb teles so I know its not set to make falador it is made on an oak eagle lectern if that makes any diffrence looks like it may try to reopen the interface and therefore clicking the falador teletab
  3. afked for 14 min then it started spam clicking the minimap and tried to logout.
  4. tribot took away lifetime support, not worthy. you can read about it on the forum
  5. im getting this error when I try to open my equipment setup
  6. anyone know if this is still relevant? dont want to waste a 2-3 hours of my time if its for nothing...
  7. will they notify us when the bot is up and running again or do we need to keep testing?
  8. I would be careful using this bot. my account got banned from 3-4 hours of using this script. never bottet on it before. I didnt use LG. maybe thats the reason ...
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