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  1. im getting 15-20% CPU usage per client at chins with this bot + BEFORE i start the bot the screen is normal but when i start Ahunter it just starts lagging like crazy.
  2. Death

    ddos attack.

    some servers are betters than others when it comes to connection. just keep jumping world till you find a good one , i heard german worlds isnt that slow
  3. Death

    VIP extended

    i just saw it now when i scrolled down , Thanks anyway!
  4. Death

    VIP extended

    i am VIP right now but i want to upgrade to VIP extended without paying the full price. Can i do that?
  5. Death


    yes will is right you will most likely be banned
  6. Ahunter = made me over 40m exp in hunter and always working
  7. i got 3 accounts chinning and 1 account alching , about to reach 99 on all 3
  8. Death

    Running multiple accounts

    ye , you can. error connecting to server is something else that is wrong
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