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  1. Most people don't actually use one proxy per account unless the accounts you're goldfarming with have high stat reqs then only would you put them on individual proxies. Personally I use 3-4 accounts per proxy, all proxies at the end of the day is prevent chain bans and chain bans aren't actually that often. If you do get banned on the same IP normally it's just the script that got you caught. I personally pay around $2 per proxy.
  2. Yeah the reason for this is that the login handler relies on colour and colour recognition bugs out when the client you're hooking onto hasn't been minimized. This is why you have to keep it minimized and never maximize it during the same session because as soon as you maximize it, it has a chance of bugging out. Surprised it still hasn't been fixed yet tbh, it's been nearly half a year I believe since I first noticed the problem.
  3. If you want to get your own account display name: Player.getRSPlayer().getName() Or if you want to get names of all people and filter by a certain name you can do something like this: Players.getAll(Filters.Players.nameEquals(targetPlayerName))
  4. There are a few things that determine how long your account will last. Most importantly is the script so I'd try a few different scripts out to see if you last any longer. If it's f2p you'll also see accounts getting banned insanely quickly. There are a few things the detection system flags no matter how good your script so you have to figure those out too.
  5. Yeah suicide doesn't work anymore, they have something in place that auto flags accounts that are online for extended periods of time. I won't answer the first question but my bots just do the same thing over and over.
  6. I barely have any abc2 in my scripts and haven't been banned in months.
  7. Just think if you do get banned, would you be super butt hurt? If not, then carry on full steam ahead.
  8. magerz4


    If it's looking glass, then the login handler is bugged if you have osbuddy maximised. Always just have osbuddy minimised before even opening tribot and that should fix your issue if it's the problem I think you're having.
  9. I think the world selection page got updated today. You'll just have to wait on the scripter to update his hopper.
  10. magerz4

    Buying script

    I'd recommend to change your description as I could see someone potentially hunting for this item now.
  11. As lets be friends said, minimize osbuddy before connecting tribot. The reason for this is because LG colour recognition bugs out when osbuddy is maximised but when it's minimized, it's fine.
  12. Probably wanna be a little more clear as in just doing the quiz or cleaning fossils and the quiz, I'm assuming the latter to bot something on fossil island :P? Try using the format for requesting a private script you'll probably have better luck:
  13. After doing tutorial, let the account cool down for a few days before doing quests etc on it in f2p. Should be good as long as you're doing tut by hand.
  14. Proxies are mainly for people who bot more than one account and want to avoid chain bans. Let it be running multiple accounts for goldfarming or just botting an alt account whilst you play on your main. You don't want your main being on the same ip as your bots as there is a chance even though incredibly small that your main will get banned along with your bot if they're on the same ip. If you purely just bot and don't run that many bots, then just renewing your home IP will do the job.
  15. magerz4

    Ip question.

    If you mean chain banned then yes. If you want to avoid chain bans, create and bot accounts on separate ips.
  16. Most likely a delayed ban. Have you been botting previously? Sometimes they delay the ban a few days and you'll get kicked straight off after you login when the ban activates.
  17. No one who has figured out how to avoid getting detected by the detection system will tell you. They'd be essentially giving you free money. Many people here have gotten banned more than a mere 3 times to figure out ways just to get accounts to last a bit longer. I can say one thing though, it's probably the script you're using regardless if you're taking breaks or not. As other people have said, if you want 99 strength then nmz is probably your best choice. But if you're stuck on using the same script, good luck wasting more money and time on bonds and creating new accounts.
  18. magerz4

    Zulrah botting

    Haven't used it before but I wouldn't say it's worth the investment. You'll probably get banned before you make your money back if you consider your investment into the account, the cost of the script and proxy if you run a few other bots. The ban reports on that thread I've seen in the past aren't low, they just get deleted because it's against the rules and you have to post on the official ban thread. It looks like a really decent script, just the nature of the method is just on Weaths radar.
  19. Are these fresh accounts off tutorial island? New accounts are naturally flagged by the detection system, i'd wait at least a few days before botting on them. If these accounts are more than a week old then probably just super unlucky or they might have changed things up 0.0. Hopefully not the latter
  20. Someone has posted an issue a while ago but I guess there's not much development going on nowadays looking at that huge backlog of issues. Login is bugged on LG. You should notice that if you click the "Existing user" button, it'll continue on like nothing happened. The login handler is partially reliant on the colours, however deteccting the correct colours is bugged on looking glass when the rs client you're using is maximised. As gimmicky as it is, minimising OSbuddy or whatever client you're using before hooking tribot onto it should solve your issue. Also don't maximise your OSbuddy or whatever client after you've hooked tribot onto it otherwise the colour detection will still bug out.
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