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  1. Botting tutorial island has pretty high ban/lock rates compared to any other activity. And your vps ip is probably flagged.
  2. magerz4

    Slave running

    I remember a few people over the past 2-3 years having posted about getting banned in the past playing legit but getting their slaves to trade them to make certain skills faster.
  3. magerz4

    Rogues Den

    No1 can really give you answer to that. Really just depends on the quality of the script you're using. I'm personally running a bot at rogues den for the past 3 weeks around 8 hours a day for a mate and it hasn't been banned. Just follow the 'if you're not willing to risk the account getting banned then don't bot on it'
  4. I don't believe there is, It'd be a pretty bad money maker if there was anyway, since the demand for them isn't that high to start with so the price will just plummet.
  5. Tbh it's very hard to gold farm now if you don't have your own private scripts. Public scripts just don't really do the job anymore.
  6. No it just gives you access to route your bots through proxies you have purchased. You still have to buy the proxies.
  7. Yes, it's a vip extended only feature though.
  8. If you were running those 10 bots on your pc and u want to continue using your pc instead of a vps, you can just buy proxies to mask your ip. Most people use 2-3 bots per proxy.
  9. There's no escaping bans on f2p unfortunately. Best bet is to bot p2p if you're not wanting to see bans left right and centre.
  10. I believe there's a bug with the login handler, I've fixed it in my personal scripts but I guess it's still in an on going problem for others. I noticed it like 2 months ago roughly when there was a screen flickering problem. If you try and catch the bot when it attempts to login after taking a break and sees it doing nothing. Try clicking the existing user and the login handler should carry on like nothing happened.
  11. There is some really shit way they use to detect bots that I've found after playing experimenting for just over a month a while back. Unfortunately most scripts on here don't avoid this you could say 'gimmicky' way they detect bots
  12. I agree with your first two points to an extent but it's not entirely based upon those two factors. Quality of the script is the most important imo then user count, botting habits etc comes after. So you're implying there is someone sitting around all day flagging thousands of accounts to be looked at if there's no automatic detection?
  13. The client login handler has been broken for over a month, nearly 2 months now I think. It doesn't recognize the login screen when it shows the existing user button but will recover and work perfectly fine if you hit the existing user button for it. Just get your script to click the existing user button for you and let the login handler carry on if it's your own or ask the scripter to implement a temp fix until it's properly fixed. @Todd @Usa @TRiLeZ
  14. magerz4

    Beginner Qeustion

    Yes, it's quite possible to lose money at the start. Expect accounts to get banned whilst you figure out ways to avoid getting banned. People may give you tips and tricks to avoid the detection system but there are more that aren't posted in public that you'll have to figure out yourself. Also most importantly is the quality of the script. I'd invest in a private script or write one yourself if you can.
  15. magerz4

    Kegging Bot

    Most likely the script.
  16. Never did I said the accounts would get banned. I just said locked. But if that's the case then yes I'm wrong, and that's good. You can then just get some1 to do the 2nd and 3rd point on your list for you.
  17. You can however, create these accounts yourself and request someone to do the things you've listed. But I believe creating an account one ip and running it through tutorial island on a different ip locks the account regardless if the ip is flagged or not.
  18. No official word from the man himself but there's plenty of people showing it's down on the latest release thread.
  19. It's been an existing problem for like the past month unfortunately. Just gotta wait it out until they fix the login handler.
  20. There's an fps issue atm for the mirror client. The hacky way to fix it atm is to load OSbuddy, minimize it before you hook Tribot to it and never maximize OSbuddy and your fps should never drop. osrs also doesn't make use of your gpu and it's run solely off your cpu so having a 1080 is pretty much useless for osrs.
  21. magerz4


    Welcome! Good luck with your botting adventures and glad to hear you're not diving head first like most people who start.
  22. Login has been bugged for a while with LG, not too sure about the normal client. Normally happens when the fps drops. Try keep your actual game client that LG is hooking onto minimized before u even hook tribot onto it, that should solve the fps issues and in turn stops that login bug.
  23. contribution. Thought I'd finish off the sentence for him.
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