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  1. magerz4

    Banned, Typical..

    It's basically an instanced minigame where you can kill quest npc's for quests you've done over and over again. Multiple people on tribot have gotten maxed combat stats from using ericko's nmz script. Here's a link if you want to find out more: And for fishing, wouldn't really do it to farm gp if you were planning to as it's pretty damn awful gp/hr compared to other methods out there. But fishing I find is more about the script rather than what you fish. Unforunately idk any script that I can say has amazingly low banrates on tribot but good luck! Best bet would be a private script if you can find some1 to make one for you.
  2. Nope has always been vip-e only.
  3. magerz4

    Banned, Typical..

    If you're doing combat, best bet is nmz it.
  4. magerz4


    Proxifier for the browsers that don't support socks5 proxies.
  5. They probably can check if you paid by bond or irl cash but that doesn't really matter. The two most important things are the script you're using and your botting habits which include playtime, breaks etc.
  6. You're almost guaranteed a perm if you're goldfarming on that account. If you're just leveling and have been a member for a while you have a better chance for a 2 day ban. General rule of thumb is don't bot an account you aren't willing to lose as you might get hit with a perm straight away.
  7. magerz4

    Bot login

    This issue has been posted quite a few times in the past week or so but no admin has posted on them to confirm the problem. It's happening to multiple people atm, normally happens when the client starts to lag a little. Just twiddle your thumbs since it might be a while before a fix.
  8. The main thing that stops people is just that they get banned. It's not as easy as it was, the detection system is a lot better than it use to be. There are plenty of successful gold farmers that do have methods and scripts that have next to 0 accounts getting banned over long periods of time and they do make enough to live off. They just they don't go round telling people.
  9. Today is a good day. Is there any news on LG where it starts to lag after a while of running and then to get the fps to go back to normal we just go to settings and set the paint delay to something else. The login handler also seems to bug out when LG starts to lag.
  10. I believe there's a bug with the login handler for people using LG, maybe search previous threads to see if they've found a work around.
  11. Np, hopefully this flickering gets fixed soon
  12. Ah maybe if your mouse was moving ever so slightly that coulda caused your bots getting detected. If the flickering was detected I believe I'd also be banned by now but who knows. Goodluck with your next batch of accs.
  13. Hmm I've also been running my p2p farm since the normal client got fixed but I'm still good atm. DId you make the game client just fit the tribot client so the mouse wouldn't stutter back and forth?
  14. Nope unless your bot interacts with your main or your bot account has been logged on the same ip as your main before. But tbh I wouldn't worry, even if you do both of the above, chances are super slim you'll get banned.
  15. Yep if done correctly. But as with most things, if money is to be made, no1 is going to share.
  16. The use of lifetime in this context I believe is the lifetime of the script itself. You'll be able to use that script but once the scripter stops updating it for good or becomes inactive, the scripts "life" as you know it is technically over. I think there are exceptions if people buy something very recently there's a chance for a possible refund but for a few years I don't see you getting any compensation.
  17. I agree, you may not be talking about ABC but I only use about 1/4 of what ABC2 has to offer in my scripts and instead I get my scripts to do what I think won't get me banned. So far so well, running everyday for just over 2 weeks without a single ban. Not saying ABC2 is bad, it's damn good but I just don't see the point of implementing something if I personally wouldn't do it if it was me doing that activity. Unfortunately I believe all premium scripts have to have ABC210 unless there's a really good reason not to...
  18. Yeah and click on this link for an in detail explanation on what it is: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/47328-introducing-looking-glass-beta/
  19. If you want to bot rs3, i'd try a different bot. Tribot is mainly for oldschool.
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