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  1. if you're getting banned that fast, sounds like a flagged ip to me.
  2. magerz4


    gg we got owned
  3. You also need to do 20-22 of these tests in able to get your own human mouse. But yeah an auto upload would be nice i guess.
  4. magerz4

    Looking Glass

    Firstly you'll need vip extended to use it. You can upgrade from normal to vip extended here: You don't need to download anything additional. Just need to follow a few steps. There's a guide in the looking glass area but I think you need vip extended to view it but here it is anyway: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/50084-noob-tutorial-to-start-using-looking-glass-with-pictures/
  5. Always nice to see threads like this All the best man.
  6. Probably best to buy the public one that's already out otherwise it's going to cost you a bomb. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/44124-10-hour-trial-tau-bot-manager-elite-v3-re-written-and-updated-affordable-best-farming-tool-available-sigma-script/ But if it doesn't do what you need it to do then nvm and ignore me
  7. There's a chance but it's very slim. Have the bot use a proxy is the safest thing you can do. And transferring via the duel arena or something if you're really paranoid.
  8. Only way is to really tweet a mod. They don't look at macro appeals.
  9. The rares mainly such as blowpipe at like 5m, serp visage at like 600k and magic fang at like 850k. Blowpipe was like 15m, serp visage at like 2.5m+ and magic fang at like 3m+ only around 1-2months ago. Due to so many people legit people killing it as it's still better money on average than any boss and it's easily accessible (you don't need to make a team etc) and people botting it with private scripts. Saying that, most of the profit now comes from the normal drops. Scales use to be 75gp but are now over 150gp each and zulrah drops like an average of 200 of them per drop, that's a 15k average increase on scales alone. Then drops such as d bones, raw sharks, rune ores, addy bars, battlestaffs will never drop below a certain amount due to their alch price. In turn this will always make zulrah profitable.
  10. Sorry to hear about the loss but yeah this script will defo make more than what you pay, just if an account that can do zulrah gets banned... ouch. But it's expected, once something goes public, the banrates increase.
  11. Prices have already crashed tbh, it's still decent money though due to a lot items having high alch values such as magic logs etc
  12. magerz4

    Gold Bars

    I think they are, they're selling for over 2k atm
  13. magerz4

    help bot script

    This post barely gives us any info that we need in order to help you. What fishing script? Where are you trying to bot? What are you trying to fish? Is there anything in the debug?
  14. As said, these 32 ip's included with the dedi will probably not be able to be used at once. This means you'll still need proxies. Proxies aren't used to prevent bans. It's used to prevent chain bans that occur if multiple bots are on one IP. Proxies may have a little lag depending on their speed but it doesn't really affect what you bot unless you're botting something that requires 0 lag. Also just to add, finding a method imo is more important than having proxies. Having all the proxies in the world will not save you if you're using a bad script/method. So as I recommend to people, start small, get a feel of what botting is like with the method you're using and once you've found something that you're content with after a while then expand. A lot of people invest a lot and end up not making any of it back because they jump in head first.
  15. No one knows. Accounts that are older tend to have a greater chance of getting a 2 day ban. I wouldn't bot and risk the chance for a perm though if it's an account you care about.
  16. Yep, then you'll need vip if you want to run it for longer. Might even need vip if you want to just run local scripts in general actually but i'm not too sure. But either way you'll need vip unless you wana create a script and only run it for 2 hours Welcome btw
  17. magerz4


    Yep still not fixed atm, just gotta wait it out.
  18. Yeah, just restarted osbuddy too. Works again.
  19. This happens to me using osbuddy, but works as usual on firefox if you haven't given that a try.
  20. same got banned lost all my feathers from killing chickens
  21. magerz4

    Gold market

    Prices will just keep going down over time with small increases every now and then. But tbh it's just a race who can farm the most gold before prices go to shit like rs3, Even then, it won't reach as low as rs3.
  22. if you read the threads that exist already, you'd find out that looking glass currently doesn't support the official client and only supports some web browsers. Firefox being one of them.
  23. Check the debug and post it in the LG section for help. But it's probably this that's giving you an error https://tribot.org/forums/topic/48739-accessdeniedexception-javapolicy/
  24. magerz4

    i need more help XD

    http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html download the x86. Then before opening tribot select the 32bit java you just downloaded on the login bit and you should be good to go.
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