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  1. Just trolling sorry bruh
  2. Damn you found my method gg.
  3. magerz4

    Looking Glass?

    Yeah you can. https://tribot.org/r...user_panel/vip/ then look for upgrade to vip extended
  4. magerz4

    Looking Glass?

    It's in beta currently for vip extended users.
  5. Wouldn't recommend mining in general.
  6. For starters, don't bot new accounts. Wait at least a few days before you bot them. Even just being logged out during the first few days helps.
  7. Dno why you have such huge spaces between your sentences.
  8. magerz4

    Delete Please :)

    If accounts are worth something and take a while to make or has a relatively high ban rate, I'd go with one per proxy. If accounts are easy to make or has a low banrate then i'd say 2-3 per proxy.
  9. Yeah, best of luck to you when the script comes out
  10. Makes no difference if you bot or hand do them. If you're caught botting whilst leveling then you'll just get banned and have to start from scratch. That's all. So to answer your question: No hand training them will not decrease the chance of getting banned when actually botting them. If the system catches you botting zulrah then it's game over.
  11. Probs best to edit your post before it gets locked. Instead of buying accounts, get people to level your own accounts for you or just delete the account buying part.
  12. Yes it does but the main way people get banned is from the system catching you. If you bypass this system, then the only way they can then catch you is by player reports (which imo doesn't do anything) or a mod hunting you down (like nearly 0 chance of happening). So as long as you have a method that doesn't get detected by the system, then happy days. But yeah, looking glass definitely reduces the chances of getting banned from using typical methods/skills.
  13. Agreed, best way is still to find methods that are 0 or next to 0 banrate just using the normal client. Saves resources as well.
  14. You can actually get banned if an IP is heavily flagged enough. One example is when people used to use different IP's to get pid for staking. They logged on and got banned because the IP was heavily flagged.
  15. Ohhh, my bad then ^^
  16. If you do zulrah yourself already, you should understand that zulrah will still bring in above 500k+ even if the rares didn't exist. Most prices also would not drop as almost all zulrah drops have a high alch value such as bstaffs, rune ores(rune items), addy bars(addy items), magic logs(magic longbows) etc. The zulrah script he's releasing probably will probably be charged per instance since getting accounts for zulrah isn't easy unless you have a lot of time or money to invest. Then you gotta consider the chances of getting banned. Yes you'll probably get banned as it's public, not trying to bad mouth this zulrah script but what public script actually has a 0 banrate? This is due to people having bad botting practices mainly though imo. Wouldn't even be surprised if the script Worthy is releasing is because he has gotten bans with it when it was private and is now releasing it public to make the last bit of $ from it. Just doesn't make sense why you would release a public script like this when you can keep it private and make a lot more running your own accounts. But then again Worthy is a good man, so it's probably just that
  17. Wish I could dislike comments on tribot sometimes.
  18. Contact your proxy provider. It's a problem on their side.
  19. https://tribot.org/forums/forum/63-disputes/
  20. Hey welcome! Never knew OSbot uses considerably more cpu, thanks for the info ^^. Enjoy your stay and hope you gain some crazy levels or a nice bank
  21. Auto responder should respond but tbh it's not very good, i'd recommend turning it off as it spouts nonsense most of the time when it does reply to someone.
  22. magerz4

    Ban rate

    Depends on the script and method. Some are 0 banrate, some are as high as the sky.
  23. magerz4


    You're botting, there is a risk of getting banned. You're lucky you got a 2 day ban, most of the time it's a straight perm.
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