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  1. When starting the script anywhere (for lower level mining coal, Iron, copper, etc.) The bot just stands there and does nothing.. Let me know when it is fixed please.. Thanks!
  2. Hey not sure if it is the script or TRibot. But I getting the script failed because a random keeps taking me down on health. Your script stops and in the Debug you have set up it said "not high enough level for teleport, Enable all randoms." Help?
  3. It'd be great if you added a cannon to your script. So you can use it when killing 150 monsters. Suggestion.
  4. Buying 40m osrs $2.5/m I'll pickup fees.
  5. Did you add me on MSN/Skype yet: I think so. How much gold you need: 50m Payment method: PP Will you feedback me after trade: If you do the same for me!
  6. Buying 50m osrs gp. $2.6/m pm me your Skype and ill message you on Skype. Sorry on only having 1 fb trying to build it up.
  7. quinton326

    Selling 13m osgp

    i'll buy all at $2.5/m
  8. nah was getting it for 2.4/m thanks tho
  9. buying 50m osrs gold $120 need to have good amount of feedback for me to go first! If you don't have any then you go first add me on Skype [email protected] Kenneth Rittgers not Cayson.
  10. dang, Haha came in lowballing on that 07 gold. Lol
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