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  1. clue hunter code review (rough notes) should utilize class constructors overloaded loops, logic flow unclear. A better approach would be to modularize some of the logic into groups. The parent layer state logic is too high level and needs to be broken down. if (Banking.isBankScreenOpen()){ Banking.close(); Timing.waitCondition(() -> Banking.isBankScreenOpen(), General.random(1200, 2000)); } if (tasks.get(0).contains("cloak")) { if (hasItem("Clue hunter cl
  2. vms are inefficient for anything large scale botting wise, unless you're using bare-metal instances. AWS itself also isn't very cheap. You'll be paying for redundancy and availability that isn't needed.
  3. Refunded. It seems that an update broke lizards and my script no longer functions as an AIO. @Fluffee Please remove the script/disable sales when you are available.
  4. dax


    Refunded, sorry for the late response. In response to your comment on thread: For script performance, try not to use LG. If there are any issues, try deleting hooks. Login issues aren't controlled per script since that would assume scripter access to your account passwords, which we don't.
  5. The Tribot method to grab worlds is returning null/empty. Tribot needs to make it actually return worlds otherwise the bot doesn't know what world to choose. If Tribot fixes this issue then the script should work as normal again.
  6. Bot smart guys! Only the accounts that don't look like bots will survive. These are some of the proggies from users past couple of days with v4.71
  7. Sorry, tribot does not refund on bans. For 99% of the cases, accounts straight out of tutorial island that hunt for hours will instantly get banned the next day or so.
  8. This is the behavior when you didn't set any tiles for the bot to choose from. Did you set any tiles?
  9. I've refunded both your auths
  10. Tribot world hopper is broken. Todd has mentioned about it on the discord servers so I thought it was getting worked on. Some worlds will ALWAYS hop to incorrect worlds, and never actually click on the correct one. https://i.imgur.com/awKkyhK.gifv Code used in the video (Reproducible 100%). Will never hop to world 466, but 463 instead (unrestricted world)
  11. Sorry for the late responses. Can you please make a gif? I'm not sure what's causing your issue. Are you using LG? I've blacklisted those worlds since the bot would try to hop to those worlds. There isn't a way to reliably get your total level in the login screen. Everything works! Congrats to user Sparky for getting 99 hunter many many times on a single account!! And his 4 others very high up accounts! Road to 200m ?
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