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  1. Not accusing Tribot nor the script.. I ain't even mad LOL. It's just weird I read a post similair to my situation and since I've never been hacked or breached in any other way, it's suspicious. I can't be bothered losing pixels on a throwaway account or any account in general :).
  2. After today's update, it won't recognize the start of the Relleka course. If I click manually the first time, it will finish one lap. But will be stuck at the beginning again! EDIT: NVM, it worked again lol.
  3. Damn son, good job! Curious what your method is tho...
  4. So if I want to give the slave 2 items (lobs and fally tabs), I need to type in the item box: 379, 8009 and in the stacks: 100, 200. Or does it only work giving it 1 item? Just want it to know, got something in mind .
  5. As a master, is it possible to give any amount of items to the bots? Example: 100 noted lobsters and 200 fally tabs.
  6. This script got me banned within 30 minutes.. Only script I used at that moment. Nevertheless, it works , just a high ban risk.
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