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  1. Same issue here, started last night
  2. My magic bot is misclicking and causing the white outline to appear around the high alch icon. Then the bot gets stuck. I haven't had any luck with more than 60 seconds of use before it spazzes out. Any ideas on something I might be doing wrong? Great script though, I love the combat and cannon features.
  3. RBG3

    issue w/ vip purchase

    I purchased one month of VIP. I noticed that it did not apply to my account, so I tried again. I'm still not showing that I'm VIP but my credit card has been charged $13 for the purchase of 2x 6.50 credits. Can someone please fix this and make my account have one month of VIP extended? Thanks
  4. Any chance we will ever be able to run this in fullscreen mode with LG / OSBuddy? Zulrah is just so hard to do on the tiny window.
  5. Guthans switching has been failing lately. Not every time, but seldomly. Will equip 3 pieces but then forget the 4th, and then fight to death. Maybe code in a check to verify all four pieces are equipped?
  6. RBG3

    Can't purchase tokens

    I am not able to purchase tokens anymore for some reason, and I have no idea why. When ever I submit my payment information, I get a message along the lines of "Cannot accept this payment because it may be fraudulent." Can someone please advise and offer assistance on how I may be able to have this taken care of? Thanks
  7. Erick- this minor little setback has shows us that your script controls +/- 90% of the NMZ hosting market. As you make your next updates, please keep in mind that you have the power and ability to revive profitability for NMZ hosting. Happy birthday.
  8. I've got the same problem. OSBuddy doesn't help. Can anyone advise?
  9. Have ordered 75m+ from Bogla Gold. Very fast delivery and great prices. Actually picking up 5m more now for a new account.
  10. Great script but I've recently found an error thats been occuring frequently. On greater demons, fire giants, tasks in the slayer cave-- my character always gets stuck on the north path by the woodcutting obstacle. Sometimes it will click it to cut, and sometimes it wont. If it doesnt, then my character will sit there for hours.
  11. Okay so I found that the bot doesnt work well with clicking the mage bank lever. Every time I try to use obesilisks my character dies. So please fix the mage bank method asap, thanks!
  12. I'm a little confused on how to best do this.. On my main I've completed all the quests that are required on page 1. But I've also completed dragon slayer, so Elvarg crushes me in my own dream. Do I have to buy other peoples dream every time I want to do this? Also, My stats are around 70-70-70.. so can I do absorbtion and overloads only? or will I need prayer?
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