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  1. thanks for the quick reply, shoot just saw on the front page that it does not work on Mac's? Is that still correct?
  2. I am thinking of buying this bot, what do you guys think of it? Are most of the things fixed on the previous page that were asked to be fixed?
  3. Yup this is true. Hopefully he will look into the looting problem and make me more realistic as I think that will help everyone a ton better. Also another thing thta would be great to be updated, maybe it isnt you Tri but the other client. It gives the price of 1 gp to so many drops so the gp/hr is never close at all.
  4. Yup completely agree with this. Makes me nervous what else it possibly leaves on ground. Especially when using it to kill monsters that drops items worth millions of GP. Definitely should have an option that says loot entire kill before attacking next monster or something like that. instead of it having to run back and forth to get say a bone and then another item since the monster attacked before it could get both. plus sometimes then it doesnt go back to get the second item (which like you are saying could be worth a lot)
  5. Well then tri should have it attack the next monster but then right after the first hit go back to get the loot. Half the time it will attack the next one and then on the way back to the loot get hit again, have to eat, then goes back to the monster and then maybe goes back to get the loot. sometimes looks very bot like
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