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  1. Got 4 in stock! Add my skype for a quick response! (Deathyoshi.powerbot)
  2. Woodcutting at cath yews. I know that area has a very high ban rate. But I have never got banned. And I botted through 2 bot nukes.
  3. I was playing a different game.. and I noticed there was more people then normal, so I checked the world.. and I was on world 385... I instantly logged off... Anyone have more information about the new system they implemented? i just know that they teleport you to a new world and watch you.
  4. So what are you trying to say exactly?
  5. Got 3 in stock! Remember to add me on skype to contact me quickly! (deathyoshi.powerbot)!
  6. He used them already. And he will try to make you go first.
  7. Duno if he was trying to scam or not. But he wouldn't use a MM or anything like that and he was insisting that I would go first.
  8. it's 'deathyoshi.powerbot) It's already on the forum, so I really don't care if others know it.
  9. Don't try to be offensive. It might ruin someone's feelings.
  10. Lol? I never asked if it was possible. I knew it was. I just wanted to see if others knew it was possible.
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