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  1. i can confirm this. tried to make a new pk account. so far 6 accounts banned. if you do it have patience and bot slowly. also switch things you bot don't keep botting at 1 place.
  2. yeah man awesome script. but if you could fix this we can also use breaks which helps a lot for cursing to avoid bans.
  3. trying to make a tank pker for a long time now. jagex is crazy with bans. 2 accounts of mine that were botting everyday at experiments for about 10 a day with breaks were banned really fast. Now I bot at experiments to but also I do a lot of skilling. I switch a lot in training stats. Also getting a lot of 2 day bans but at least no perms. So my advice for people that want to grind here also bot/train some other skills to stay legit as possible.
  4. damn man love you toke ages someone finally made this script. jagex is crazy with bans and this is the best way to get no reports from other players. also no randoms is awesome.
  5. the stupid botter with accounts lord kane 10 and d dank is420 should smoke less. He is saying with rs character lord kane 10 dds 2-24m d dank is420. lmao
  6. 10/10 best cooking script others on tribot are ......
  7. trackstorm1

    stun alcher

    looking for free one to. As it is for only 1 account with no money making goal so not worth to pay for it.
  8. i want to make a new dharok account. first level 70 att str and def and then continue at nmz. Is this script worth buying for only using at a dharok account?
  9. script keeps banking logs and knives and doesn't fletch anymore
  10. damn didn't want to do some quests on new acc this script helped me a lot!!!
  11. waiting for my acc it has a 2 day ban... oh shit my pure and bank
  12. helll no just a kid that want to help jagex. You think a lvl 35 with full dragon is going to skull? ofcourse not
  13. bye, and watch out botting everyone lol jagex is kinda crazy atm with the bans today rofl
  14. damn 10 accounts have a 2 day ban now and my main aswell wtf I didn't even bot on my main only trading. I shocked rofl when i saw disabled on my main thnx god its a 2 day ban. How can my main get banned I didn't even bot on that and got a bot busting ban wtf????
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