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  1. how do I go about creating a gif haha? sorry i know you're probably a busy guy not trying to bother you too much with these problems
  2. Thanks for being so diligent with updates and the replies, it makes troubleshooting much easier. I haven't been using LG. The bot is working pretty good, but currently in 3 hours I have 28 kills 13 deaths and at my combat stats 13 just seems like too much in that time. Especially since i've watched some of the deaths and its an error causing it.
  3. I'm kind of fed up. I can get like 700k-1m an hour but it could be so much more if the bot prayed the right prayers and didn't run into gas. I've done everything you've told me to do, and if I fix one problem another shows up.
  4. I meant like switching wifi's with tribute downloaded. I think I may have figured out the problem but i'll let you know. It seems like I have to redownload tribot on the wifi I want to bot on. I figured this out because i bot on 3 different wifi's, girlfriend, school and home. When I switch wifi's it messes up unless I redownload it. Any reason why this might be?
  5. Yeah they are. I could try, could it possibly have something to do with switching wifi locations? It seems like everytime i use a different wifi i may have to redownload tribot.
  6. Im not using LG and my cpu usage is fine. My fps is also fine and I babysit often so i see that it isn't lag related. I unticked teleport out and it worked fine but then later couldn't finish any kills despite deleting hooks and setting up the gui the exact same. I witness the problems quite often and the ways im dying are 1. Occasionally not recognizing the jad phases while praying only mage. The 2nd reason is by running into gas and getting stuck in there. When it isn't recognizing jad phases it also has the combat tab up and not even inventory so it's reacting too slow to eat to survive. Just looking for answers because sometimes it works awesome for me and sometimes it just plain doesn't work at all. Nothing is changed between the two outcomes
  7. Yeah i'm having the same problem as those above me. I've deleted hooks and done every other troubleshooting solution you have listed but just occasionally will pray only mage during jad phases and gets combo'd out.
  8. No, i'll take a look. it's working flawlessly for me again now though. Strange.
  9. I can't even run it right now it just simply isn't working properly. I'm not using lG and I haven't changed anything since yesterday or earlier today when it was working flawlessly.
  10. Occasionally doesn't recognize jad phases and doesn't prayer switch as well as runs into the gas while trying to long range zulrah with blowpipe. Overall great script but with the price should be flawless
  11. Well I've been using this script a long time, and my month just ran out so I won't renew until a reply and this gets figured out
  12. I don't believe the black chin-anti pker feature is working correctly right now. I normally die only 1-2 times a day and it logs to avoid pkers, but I have died every trip today and have had no profits. Any ideas?
  13. Love this script- But often tries to hop to a bounty hunter world aka world 318. How hard is it to make it so it won't hop there?
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