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  1. I enjoy watching how much bots can do now from when I played classic using a autoclicker/mousekeys. It amazes me; not really "addicted" but if were talking about prescription drugs than count me in.
  2. 1) Who the hell are you? 2) I like how you suggest something than recommend yourself. Honestly hes better off getting a mule vs some random "Here take my 50m botter so I dont get ban botting" Either 2 things will happen 1) Botter you gave money to will be ban 2) Person will steal GG Anyways goodluck man
  3. Nice, quick question though. Wouldn't it be smarter for me as a consumer to buy green dhides @ 1400 or at most 1500. And because we are a botting community to lets say... use a bot to make into leather for 20 gp per hide. Long run spend 1420-1520 for leather. Please respond asap so i can know if Its a better deal buying at 1750? My math is bad. Thanks
  4. How about a bot that says. "Gibi moni pls 100k or zezmia ban u hauehauheuhaeu" Anyways tbh the profit this would make is minimal because you have to 1) be in a populated enough world 2) have to many factors (people/amount/junk) 3) waste of time for scripter because they dont want to make a trader bot (already exist)
  5. Ignorance is bliss. Honestly it all depends in what context your looking at it in. If people are just not looking at the facts and relying on their own personal "knowledge" and unwilling to listen to reason or other ideals than yes that is quite annoying. But someone who is just plain uninformed about a situation like I my girlfriend is ignorant about computers because she never had built one but is that annoying? No, its just she was never taught so she is "ignorant".
  6. Back when they came out with all the other rooftop courses (December 5th, 2013). http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Rooftop_Agility_Courses To people actually following this thread. I am very sorry for not updating this thread I am in a manager program with my work and it is hard to get time to post threads on here and even be able to bot/play the game at all. I resumed botting but was not updating the thread. I have updated with a poor picture but it does show my current level and will update more often on my 20+ hr journey to 99.
  7. I decided on agility because of huge bans doing hunter, mining, fishing, woodcutting, and thieving so i figured do the smart route and do agility. I mean and im doing brimhaven atm for tickets for pirate hook... IMEAN They really need a mark of grace to exp
  8. ~Updated~ Sorry i skipped level 91 because i was away from all of 91 to 92
  9. Agility I mean... Cape is hot and fishing/mining gl with ban. Thieve meeh decent but to many worries. Get full like 10 food and gg 48 hr proggy
  10. Bump 4 the update At 90 now taking a break for a hour than back to the grind
  11. The time i bought aAgility, Usa was on vacation meaning he was having no updates to recent runescape updates. i got 5 hours til 90 than ardy rooftop!
  12. Current Level: 98/99 Experience (Rounded off): 11,830,000 Old Picture Feb 15, 2012 Old Picture Feb. 14, 2014 Old Picture Feb 13, 2014 **I am not level 1 health. I simply did this to block off my stats and it was best way without it looking tacky. Currently running 1 hour time (random 30~ mins) and breaking 34 (random 15~ minutes) At 90 agility I will be switching to 2 hours (random 15~ minutes) and breaking 1 hours (random 20~ minutes) aAgility Script: I will be updating every night before I go to bed of progress.
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