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  1. more then likely, just for what the accounts were doing the time it would take would be better spent elsewise, was a good investment on the scripts though.
  2. oh yea, the characters eventually just log out due to afkness, just seemed it was failing to log out from the bot. Yeap used to it dying in the cave, just when it was getting to lummy the bot would terminate due to above reason. I should of taken a screen shot and do not remember what the status said, I will look out for it when I do my other accounts later. Saying that 4 quests through dorics quest working fine, going do witch's house now then try gnome. Edit: won't be doing gnome to low level and dies (30att/str and 24 hp 10 magic) will need to train it a little more if I want to do it Btw do you want the screenshots of quest complete?
  3. In death plateau 3/4 bots ran it fine no problems 4th got stuck http://i.imgur.com/d8FwPZZ.png (and when finished I see it right click the log out tab but can not click it due to the quest completed screen is still showing) waterfall quest 2/4 ran it perfectly the other 2 after deaths in glorias tomb just stop the reason being "Unexpected death" (Sorry I did not take a screen shot) the bot just stop Started again and worked fine Cooks assistant 3/3 worked fine the 4th I stuffed up and did not have a pot and bucket in inventory when I started. Going do gnomes after I do witch's house manually
  4. Would like to purchase 4 bonds please
  5. Its goes to 312 occasionally as well
  6. is it experiancing frame loss or connection issues (slow connection or such) In the past high cpu load leading to my bots frame stuttering has caused the bot to enter an extra password or such. I know you are saying when you click the login button its fine, just wondering if you get it before it enters details again or something.
  7. god no, I believe in markets and market sustainability, People will come for a certain price, Plus if that was me I would probaly use other means to offload my steel bars to make a bit more gold/hr
  8. Don't see why it should change, its 6.5 credits a month, which is only 3.25 mil a month, Honestly if you are botting 2 accounts you should be able to afford this, if these are your mains and do not want to gold farm on them, then create a third with vip and earn the cash?
  9. have been getting it sporadically as well, will happen to 1 client on a proxy that is logged into a different world to another client. That ip is coming from Germany as well, my other accounts and ips have been fine and all others are from america/australia/Canada
  10. buy a proxy and bot though that, ultimatly you want at most 3 per proxy but I assume you are suicide botting anyway. Have a look in services, else you can look at using a VM and downloading something like hotspot shield (can get premium for free if you think about it ), downside is have to run a VM. Or even use a VPS which will host your bots I think its like $5 or something for 3 bots, again check services
  11. sure he doesn't mean on tribot to purchase via paypal?
  12. Order Form: How many Tor ports (one is free): 5 Have you added me on Skype: Yes Do you agree with my T.O.S.: Yes Thanks
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