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  1. I'm late to this party but I made it. Hope you keep following your interests.
  2. I'd say from my own personal experience (about a year ago), LG had a noticeably lower ban rate than the regular client. However, doing stuff like botting over night or for unrealistic periods of time, still got you banned. One thing I would like to note though, is that we should keep in mind that some bans may be delayed.
  3. lol thanks man Yeah I saw that too right away. I think it's a good way to highlight popular topics that weren't easily accessible before. Thanks man. I'm back and I'm going to be going for that scripter status.
  4. Hello everyone, I used to bot a lot with Tribot. I've been gone for what feels like well over a year. I just had some questions for my fellow botters and scripters. What is the botting scene like right now? Last time I left people were just botting throw-aways and still making cash. Any new updates to osrs? How has OSRS changed in the past year? I plan on looking over the update logs, but anything cool happen? In terms of Tribot, have the devs introduced any cool new technologies? Like a more efficient LG or anything? Frosty
  5. Bro you just said you botted 10-12h a day... Your going to get banned sooner or later. You're basically suiciding.
  6. I know right. Its all about control and who gets paid.
  7. Hahaha it's not even a question. Especially if your in America.
  8. Not only is it important to address the issue of decreasing gold prices, but we do have to take into consideration other factors like the one that you mentioned: ->Where less people buying results in lower demand and prices. Even if the price of OSRS gold is allowed to get close to that low. People will start looking for alternatives to purchase gold. There is no doubt that we need to push Jagex for gold sinks and keep doing things like selling botted resources for the highest price to keep profits high. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  9. When the script stops, does that mean the ABCUtil instance is no longer referenced?
  10. You still found a way to make the pictures look random. lol Hey, you should've posted this in the Computers/Hardware section.
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