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    I am a Dutch game developer. I have been send to jail from 2014 till 2016 may, for a crime I did not commit. They wanted to keep me for 10 years, but luckily they found out, after 2 years, that I was indeed not guilty indeed. And so, I am slowly coming back to programming as of 23 may 2016.

    In the past I created flawless next-level scripts considered to be one of the best scripts there were. I have programmed for entire bot farms, and am well-known for creating do-it-all scripts. And the well-known DScripts like "DFleshCrawlers" "DDruids", "DClay", "DHerbCleaner", and private scripts like "DFarmStarter" and "WorldOfD"

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  1. Make a flawless combat script please! will buy. But only if you meant what you said (TheD)= In the past I created flawless next-level scripts considered to be one of the best scripts there were ).<----TheD's bio

  2. Script is still working fine, just tested it and ran it over 5 hours =p
  3. Hi, i will check up on it, and fix it, thanks for reporting. sorry for my slow reply. Kind regards, DScripting
  4. Currently using webwalking, going to change this to my own walking method to fix this. Should be updated shortly. Kind regards, DScripting
  5. It currently can happen and tries to kill whatever is attacking our friendly guy. For the walking we use ABC2 account preferences, so If i would hard program the run option, it would kill ABC2. Perhaps Please explain how you see this? Like teleport back from mine? or? I would love to hear your idea. I could create it. @all of you. Kind regards, DScripting - TheD
  6. Hi @guywithlsd, Thanks for the proggy. The break handler does not check if the account is still in combat. Therefor will spam the log-out button. I'll add a work around for the break handler soon. Thanks for the proggy. Kind regards, DScripting - TheD
  7. DCows Kills cows at a less popular location Version: 1.0 About DCows I made DCows as clean as possible for my Scripter application. I have ran the script the entire day without any problems. About DScripting DScripting creates scripts with one or multiple tasks. The key thing in our scripts is that it has to be fast, yet efficient and human like. A human does not misclick its target, and than goes afk 20 seconds, at least not that often. Focus on what the script should do, stress test it on at least 10 accounts for 10 hours, see what happens. Bug free
  8. I really like how you made this @Assume really gives people who want to create something for them selves a great opportunity to do so. ++
  9. Awesome release @Final Calibur might actually use this ^^
  10. Keep adding rewards it is nice to see that. It also motivates others
  11. that is correct. However, accounts above a certain age, mostly do not get banned perm. This rule is not always true tho.
  12. so you got banned, and now you want to run an entire botfarm? Good luck than friend!
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