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  1. For what its worth I also can't get LG to work with anything but OpenOSRS, which memleaks down to about 10fps in less than 5 minutes. I can post the debug if it would help, but the community forum doesnt seem active these days.
  2. Not to shit on this post, but I have had the complete opposite experience. I have more or less botted an account from scratch using this script. This is by far one of the best bots I have ever used to train magic. As I type this, I am 1hr away from hitting 99 magic only using this script, with many 6+ hour sessions. Caveats: You need to bot intelligently, as always. Don't drop the bot in sand crabs or anywhere else with high player foot traffic, be creative. For example, you can stun alch just about anywhere with some tinkering, in some very remote places. Thanks for making this
  3. Similar thing happening to me. Bot recently will not function properly and just dies. No error output in debug, just find it logged out with a mostly full inventory of potions. Shame too, it was working great.
  4. Last location before getting banned?: Grand Exchange Skill botted?: Fletching Breaks or no? Yes If so how long?: ~1.5hr every 3 hours How long did you bot per day?: 6 hours Banned before?: no Type of ban?: Perm VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) Yes VPN Scripts Used? Master Fletcher AIO by Druid Other Bots Used?: 0 How many bots at a time were being run?: 0 Date banned?: 2/29/2016 Fresh account/Days acc used?: Old account, not fresh suicider.
  5. Why are you using mouse coords instead of identifying them with their ID's in the inventory and using that to click? Also, I really love this script I have to say. Very very stable and simple to use. Thanks Assume!
  6. Script seems to try to renew crabs on waterbirth everytime there isnt a crab to kill. Like it's not detecting that you simply have killed all of the crabs, and none have spawned yet. Added you on skype, perhaps I have some settings messed up.
  7. Was running this script, and something broke it. Got an instaban. Wish i still had the logs, but i accidently closed out of the client. Just something to look for if it happens to others.
  8. Seems to break when buying potions, other than that it works great.
  9. Suicided to 91 firemaking. Got a 2 day ban. Still worked flawlessly for the time being, thanks man.
  10. Banking method seems to be broken on all scripts as well.
  11. For some reason it's getting stuck behind fally bank. Not sure why, it just always clicks through to there and stalls. edit: found the cause. for some reason when clicking on the bankers it loops around the bank and cant resolve a path so it gets stuck. I'm fairly certain a remedy for this would be clicking a bank booth rather than the banker. Also getting crashing errors. [16:33:42] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0[16:33:42] at scripts.qqqFiremaking.b(qqqFiremaking.java:153)[16:33:42] at scripts.qqqFiremaking.G(qqqFiremaking.java:267)[16:33:42] at scripts.qqqFiremaking.run(qqqF
  12. New update. All worlds are PVP or F2P. Happy botting.
  13. Curious, does this support different attack styles? Or does it just use whatever it's set to?
  14. To the scriptwriter, if you could just exempt or null fishing spots with the NPC ID: 3769 (Whirlpool) that'd be lovely.
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