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  1. could you please update this bot for the chests in the wildy.
  2. batouttahell


    Script Author: @erickho123 Link to Script's Thread: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/191-exfarm-aio-farmer/ + https://tribot.org/forums/topic/21045-abcl-10-exfarm-aio-farmer-alchingfletchingthievingcooking-web-tracking-automatic-detection-300khr-150h-6-day-proggy/ Date Purchased: Wed, 17 Sep 2014 23:31:22 +0000 What type of duration did you purchase: Lifetime Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s)1 Screenshot(s) image 1,2. Issue(s): Details of what issues you are experiencing with the script in detail: The bot does not work from what i'm reading and iv'e tried it out as well with my nubby accounts and it does not work.. Ive read the forums and it says will not be updated due to RS taking something out..? but he also said something about rewriting it for luners and/or regular use as iv'e read as well. This is not the first time iv'e had problems with this bot.. iv'e seeked help and he only pointed and it still didn't work for me.. as iv'e asked for help before, this was before the update, and it never got fixed, as far as i can tell, because it never ran for me... (yes i tried all the stickies) I was told to wait patiently and still nothing..
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I didnt know that haha but now i do so ill make sure it only has so much food. and Thanks for fixing the MoG thing i hope it was not too hard to fix.
  4. is it just me or does this bot drop food everytime it sees MoG? im not sure its aware its stackable. could someone else varify that? or tell me how to fix this?
  5. @JJ-yes that is the problem i am facing.
  6. This bot is having problems with walking up and down steps, and opening gates, is this something that could be fixed simply? It toggles everything just fine other then that.. but when it opens the gate/s it just freezes and stands there.
  7. now we have everything cleared up, I can move on with my life. I don't see how it was so hard for this convo to even take off in the correct direction. without people pointing fingers saying they want this or that.. I never as i said stated I would like a "refund" of any sort.. once again, Thanks for clearing stuff up.. and if you could explain to me how I may be able to post on that thread for the future.. or for that matter any other thread then that would be sweet.
  8. I respect your response, however, I have no intent on getting anything back. I just feel if i pay for something it should work right then and there when i pay for it.. (yes i know its a while ago, but even now it does not work for me..) with that said i am still in the right for posting this to see how things go.. since i do not have the power to post on the thread... usually when i message other asking this or that about their script they wrote, I get no response or i get a crappy response pretty much saying F-off.
  9. @erickho123 Wed, 17 Sep 2014 23:31:22 +0000 Lifetime before it went up in value, It was $/credits25 i believe. When i got the script, it never worked so i messaged him i think on the forum or in his inbox. i cant remember, and then before i knew it there was a "over-hall" on the script and it completely changed and still didn't work on my computer yet it opened UGI thing to tell the bot what to do, the bot just stood there still.. I was not the only one who had this problem at the time.. so i was told to wait and it would work shortly.. unforchently i waited then had some Real life problems and now im getting back to this and nothing is working still plus ive read the forums and people are still complaining about it.
  10. Has anyone been banned from this? It looks super sweet! and i wanna give it a go however, i dont got $10 :/
  11. it sems to have corrected its self... but i still have a close eye out to find anything else that might be a problem. and ill keep tabs before saying anything.
  12. This is a good script so far, i just figured out how to use it haha.. Emm one thing ive seen is that, it sometimes clicks in the cooked fish and eats it.. making it so it had to redo the cooking. like it will cook 5 to 15 shark then eat the 16th and then start to cook again, this is every other invo of shark.. same with lobbys and swordies.. :/ could you have it just afk spin the page aroud a little till its done cooking? its about 1m 10/12 secs for an invo to fully cook ive from my timing. let me know if this is at all possible thanks. ive also seen it accidentally note everythning and stuggle for a while while before i went to fix it.
  13. I would like to point out that I posted this Posted 20 July 2014 - 07:13 PM and its been well over 9 days since Ive seen anything really happen.. its mainly all talk from @Druid says "im waiting on a responce from USA, Its a small fix dont worry".. and still nothing has happened.. I belive its safe to say he has quit on this script... and is clearly meets most of the requiremnts for refunds. *Ive seen USA on alot resently. ** Plus, Druid has been off for a while.. clearly not attempting anything.. DruidMember Since 19 Jun 2013 OFFLINE Last Active Jul 25 2014 12:04 PM
  14. @Badger -- This is a script is undergoing constent problems.. I mean, its cool and all --- but the scripter @Druid is not doing anything to update it even though he says he is.. its been well over 9 days since he said he is working at it. He is "trying" to talk with USA to get the small part fixed.. however, Iv'e seen USA on alot within the 9 days of waiting, and @Druid has yet to fix the problem..
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