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  1. Hey Breaker, thanks for the quick follow up, that fix worked and I forgot to submit my response! After using the bot for a week, I have some feedback. Currently, I would rate this bot at 3.5/5. The bot definitely works and had a good baseline function, and it certainly beats grinding by hand! I would definitely recommend this to anyone needing to grind out items on an ironman or for money. You take a risk by leaving your computer with this bot running, however, which is unfortunate since that's a big reason to use a bot! The two points holding it back from a 5/5 are lack of reliability, a
  2. [18:38:39] Starting client. [18:39:19] Downloading script 'Barrows by Breaker'. [18:39:24] Script Started: Barrows by Breaker. BackgroundColor[191,255,197]ForegroundColor[0,0,0][18:39:24] [Debug] Tracker started [18:39:28] Loading last settings BackgroundColor[191,255,197]ForegroundColor[0,0,0][18:39:29] [Debug] C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\BreakerScripts\Barrows BackgroundColor[191,255,197]ForegroundColor[0,0,0][18:39:33] [Debug] C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\BreakerScripts\Barrows BackgroundColor[191,255,197]ForegroundColor[0,0,0][18:39:33] [Debug] Setting gear to equip Back
  3. Any plans for adding the Ash Sanctifier (similar to bone crusher)? Also, on ironman loot, why doesn't it pick up dwarf weed?
  4. Ironman mode yes, I've had this a few times and I figured out the issue. On kalphite tasks, the bot will try to teleport to Al Kharid via glory, sometimes it tries repeatedly until the antiban is tripped, and other times it will say 'calculating path...' then will say no path found, and will stop the bot completely. If I teleport to duel arena with the dueling ring (that the bot withdrew and is sitting in my inventory), the pathing system will work, but it will not use the RoD on its own as a travel method.
  5. Working well so far, for the most part! I have a single glory (ironman) and it keeps trying to use it to teleport to tasks even if there are no charges left, which leads to force stopping the script. Any solutions to this problem? (I have RoD selected for banking, so the glory TP only happen if its trying to get to monsters)
  6. There are multiple help requests regarding LG Black screens, any update on this for those of us still experiencing this issue even after deleting cache and hooks?
  7. Good script! Some suggestions: Drop empty vials. Otherwise the bot is eating my food to pick up loot when it could just drop the vials. Better prayer efficiency. Quick-prayer support would make a lot of sense as well as F-hotkey tabbing to access the prayer menu or inventory. When fighting a brother in the tunnel, if the prayer reduction just happened and there's 10 prayer left but the brother is only at 10% hp, it's a waste to drink another prayer potion especially for high levels. There are multiple instances of this. It's also fairly slow to turn prayers off when leaving a
  8. I'm not using LG, and I haven't managed to get the script to make cape racks at all. I've tried multiple things, including changing the amount of inventory spaces I have open, starting without any planks in my inventory, starting with the cape rack built and not built, etc. Starting with the cape rack already built , the script will remove the cape rack successfully as if to build a new one, but then it will hang up on requesting the planks. It will request one set of planks, the butler arrives back with the inventory, it appears the bot does not detect the planks in my inventory
  9. Having some issues running this bot. I set plank amount to 25 since I am doing mythical capes. The bot keeps trying to have my butler get planks and never builds the cape rack. It also managed to fire my butler at one point. EDIT: I see aerosparx posted about this above, but I will leave the code, not sure if it is at all helpful... [16:53:16] [ABC2] Reaction time: 383 * 0.5 = 191ms. [16:53:17] [ABC2] Reaction time: 1715 * 0.5 = 857ms. [16:53:19] [ABC2] Left game window [16:53:37] Exception in thread "pool-8-thread-1" [16:53:37] Exception in thread "pool-5-thread-2" [16:53:37]
  10. I've used this bot for about 6 hours over the past week. The abyss runecrafting works, but there are a lot of painfully obvious bot actions. Definitely room for improvement. 1. When banking for food, the bot does "withdraw x" even if it is only withdrawing 1 or 2 food pieces. A human wouldn't do this. 2. The walking method from bank to ditch involves the bot clicking the minimap to walk 2 or 3 steps each time, instead of clicking far away. It should take 2 or 3 clicks to get to the ditch from the bank, not 10+ clicks. Additionally, the bot walks Northwest instead of Northeast,
  11. Well, it's running now at least. Is there some sort of guide to using this bot, the first few posts don't really have any information. I have a glory and a ring of dueling equipped for the fairy ring method, and instead of using either one it just tries to run back to the fairy ring on Karamja and just right clicks over and over.
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