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  1. Will pay Skrill/Paypal/RS07 - need quotas~. Please pm me Skype if interested. - Not a super complicated script; simple in design. Can be complicated based on how many of my expected features can be implemented. - I have a flexible budget. The more features that I require implemented the more I will be willing to pay. Quality is key, and I will not low-ball if quality is ensured. details will be discussed privately via Skype for obvious reasons.
  2. will do he has deleted me off of skype. Did not make any attempt to message me on tribot or another forum. Repeatedly ignored skype requests and does not show any intention of refunding amount. However it is very easy to confirm not only skype name with chatlog; but also the rs account. There's only 1 justlikefumbles on skype as well several of his previous customers should be able to confirm of RSN.
  3. meh~how much was on your main? “asset wise”。  I lost like 10 acc + Gold Mule probably like well over 1bil. ~oh well time to make more.. ._. . .
  4. been over half a year since previous update! Post more ! We want more taste of the farm
  5. Updated. The long explanation is in the "other detailed explanation" section. The said player has been on and off Runescape for the last 24hours.
  6. https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/29059-%E3%80%8Cswapping%E3%80%8D07-gold-and-eoc-gold-%E3%80%8Cmy-07-your-eoc%E3%80%8D/?hl=justlikefumbles Link to the topic above Scammer's Username: Justlikefumbles Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile:https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/user/95537-justlikefumbles/ Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype Chat Username(If Applicable)*: Justlikefumbles(James Olson) Describe in detail in your words what happened: I traded him 31.44m rs2007 for the discussed 267m RS3 Never replied Evidence**:The Scam- Skype Conversation The Prior Trade Inbox Messages Proof that He's online in Runescape Today Shortly After the Trade Yesterday Other: detailed explanation
  7. Discussing sale of 10m rs2007 at the moment.~ Meeting up currently. Please confirm.
  8. 1) purchase VIP 2) Add script via Repository 3) Please read stickies and "tutorials section" as indicated by post197 As to not derail the thread~ I'll be posting hopefully a 80hour+ progress report with this script in a bit ~ Trying to go for 100h proggy =)
  9. https://tribot.org/download.php I'm gonna guess your string of questions will go something along the lines of this: 1) I downloaded it now how do I bot? https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/6-tutorials/ 2) How do I do the fletch bot? ? ? https://tribot.org/repository/ 3) I Went there ! It won't let me ! How come I can't run it??? https://tribot.org/purchase-vip/ For all further instructions refer to the answer to my predicted Q 2)
  10. maximum amount of acc running at given point? . . Jan-->now that is.~ ~ Average lifespan of acc? ~ Just curious ~ I have same mentality as you making more or less same doing something else ; 1 other thing that is . . . I do diversify =X
  11. I'm curious who has or what is the longest progress report for this bot so far I've been testing this script and it is going quite smoothily, will post report tmr ....anyone care to share some fantastic progress reports with this script??
  12. did you make any transfers from your "botting accounts" to your "account you didn't bot on?".? Gold farming = accounts made for just making gold. if you were caught making transfers then . . there's that risk otherwise: your "gold farming accounts" would only be a "macro minor/major".
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