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  1. Ha just had test on this.. gimme few. edit: there should be more info, such as what do b or a does with hypotenuse or sides. (ie. splits etc?)
  2. Lol your friend is a dummy. This is easy 100 quads if you ask me. Get some combat stats - can use abcl 10 bot Do few easy quests Get cooking, fishing, firemaking about ~30 Do more quests Bot that woodcutting to 99. Should be like three weeks if you don't bot 10h+ a day.
  3. It's exactly same. It can withdraw food from bank but can't return to the thieving spot.
  4. Bakery stall is working fine. Ardy knights/guards etc fails banking, thieving and eating part works well. 'Paint says "clearing obstacles" or "initializing script"
  5. what the hell.. honestly this is the worst premium script ever. Spam clicks even though stunned (lumby men). Failed to set up bakery stall as well... idk is it me or what. You should add sleep after every try, it's spam clicking like crazy, asking for bans.
  6. Been banned on both of my gold farming accounts. Guessing it's flagged IP not sure though.
  7. [19:10:53] java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 12, Size: 12 [19:10:53] at java.util.ArrayList.rangeCheck(Unknown Source) [19:10:53] at java.util.ArrayList.remove(Unknown Source) [19:10:53] at scripts.UsaTutorial.a(UsaTutorial.java:1795) [19:10:53] at scripts.UsaTutorial.run(UsaTutorial.java:455) [19:10:53] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [19:10:54] Sent session data! [19:10:56] Script Ended: USA Tutorial Island. @Usa After it completes account and logs-in for second one it crashes at character customizing screen.
  8. I ran this business for 2 weeks when berries where rising. It was well worth it but now with 1k price it isn't that viable anymore. There are probably better P2P money making ways out there now. Edit: 850gp each right now.
  9. I have been using same mule since august. It has traded with more then 50 now banned accounts. It's still alive and going, you won't get RWT ban unless you move big bucks.
  10. Umm... I have maxed cb made on same IP I have made 3-5 goldfarming accounts. Unless you bot same thing you got banned for, you will be fine - from my experience.
  11. lol prolly just to use lunar spells to make tons of money? There's at least one which can be used for goldfarming.
  12. @Tri Works great unless accidentally clicks on ladder and gets stuck on upper level. Then it just spam clicks on log out but somehow misses it. Can you please fix this?
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