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  1. iwantmods


    So I guess in the future we should check discord chat for any announcements. Always seem to go there first.
  2. Its working perfectly right now, LG fixed too.
  3. iwantmods


    Yes it is indeed fixed. We litty again!
  4. LG is really useful in my opinion and has prevented me from getting bans for as long as I've used this bot, as long as you don't bot stupidly. If you are making a new free account make sure you bot wisely. It is recommended to not bot on new accounts for a while if you don't want them banned fast. 1-2 hours would be fine mixed with some actual playing.
  5. Yeah obviously they will ban a mule for a gold farm. You are probably beat.
  6. Has anyone at all heard of any sort of update on the status?
  7. Facts lol. I feel like creatine is sufficient, but to each his own.
  8. Have you ever tried creatine? I have no idea what half the shit your talking about is, but I've been lifting without any supplements for 6 years and I just started creatine and protein and the gains are real.
  9. This happened to me once. I waited a few months and it went away. It was because the of the zip code I entered I think.
  10. Yeah if I end up wasting my entire premium script duration I'm done.
  11. Its been down for a few days now...hopefully should be back up soon.
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