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  1. I would also like to know this. Some of these scripts are expensive.
  2. I was having the same issue, if you are using LG and OSbuddy, try deleting your setting folder for OSbuddy and deleting your tribot folder.
  3. Thank you I tried this but didn't correctly delete osb setting, after doing so it works flawlessly.
  4. After defaulting my OSbuddy settings(make sure you do this!!) everything is working flawlessly on LG. I recommend looking through previous solutions and making sure you PROPERLY do all of them. It will save you a lot of frustration. LG is working perfect for me now.
  5. How did you fix this? Is anyone else experiencing a problem where the bot will stop after 20-30 minutes? I found myself in zanaris when I logged back in, what should i do? I just keep dying...I dont believe its my stats because some kills are very successful but its so rare that I get a clean kill. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  6. The bot sometimes stops when I leave it alone for a while t says stopped due to 7 minutes of inactivity. Also sometimes when i use cbow it runs into the poison to try to attack zulrah on the other side of the map. Other than that its great. Sorry for previous useless comment
  7. No problem here. I was asking based on previous reply if its still being updated/works properly, hence the quotation mark. Not gonna try a script if it gets people banned instantly. Thank you for your response I tried it and it seems to work fine.
  8. Were you using LG? Considering using this on my main again after a year or two. Was never banned and always used LG. Only used it for a short period though.
  9. Came back to my character dead with a dragon defender. Got me the defender but lost 1m in items. Not sure if the script just ends after it gets the defender or what?
  10. iwantmods

    Safe to bot?

    Nothing is 100% safe even with LG.Lost one high level acc after weeks of botting yesterday using LG. LG is definitely the safest way to go though.
  11. After weeks of using only this script with LG, my account was finally banned. Good run RIP 80 range
  12. Scratch that, its working fine. Double check to make sure you have ALL the items you need. (I was missing a saw) Edit: It does however still get stuck sitting on the chair
  13. Yeah, script instantly quit on me as well. Had all materials ready in bank at castle wars
  14. I dont believe so, spikers blackjacker works very well tho got me from 45-82 thieving so far
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