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  1. Draynor rooftop last step (jumping down the crate) just stands there for a minute before doing anything
  2. is it not possible to pick up where you left off if the script stopped?After relogging and trying to continue death plateau is very buggy when it tries to go back to eohoric it just clicks on the stairs and misclicks forever edit: if you start the script from "gather items" instead of getting them yourself it works fine edit: when it talks to harold with the items it wont progress
  3. If you manually stop the script and start the quest at "defeat warlord" it will finish the quest fine though
  4. Does tree gnome village up until the prep for warlord part. It just sits at bank doing nothing.
  5. Hey so the script works great, thank you! But one little thing is if you start off of neitiznot and it says "walking to island", once you get to Maria it stands there and attempts to right click to travel to neitiznot and misclicks endlessly so your char sits there unless you do it yourself. However, If you start at neitiznot it works flawlessly. Just letting you know.
  6. Wierd, works fine for me. 15k flax no problem.
  7. Spun 1000 flax no problem! Great script so far.
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