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  1. Yeah, It was stuck on that tab specifically. I have to manually click it to clan chat - then it clicks over to mini game tele tab and works. I'll run it again in a few hours. It's currently gathering supplies for a coal bag
  2. 10/10 script. I absolutely love it so far. However, occasionally it gets stuck at the grand exchange trying to teleport to blast furnace after restocking. It just idles and say's attempting to travel to blast furnace. I have to click the clan icon then it begins to work again.
  3. @Ark I want to shake your hand for this one... I accidently ran the script on my main account for ~9 hours completely AFK , and it ran flawlessly with cannon support on. Knock on wood no problems yet..... You outdid yourself on this one buddy.
  4. I wish I took a screenshot of every log... I ran it for a week, 6 hours a day on black chinchompas and finally received a temporary ban. (I don't think I have ever received a temp. ban, it has always been a permanent ban LOL.) It was running flawlessly on red chinchompas as well. I never got around to using any other hunting method, but I'm sure they are running just as smooth. This script is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone that is on the fence about purchasing it.
  5. I have the same issue, but only with certain scripts... I don't understand it either. Maybe it's a client issue? They did jus rework the whole thing. Cheers
  6. You sir are an amazing person. ? Thank you for the quick response! Running flawlessly right now; I will post a prog. later EDIT: I accidentally closed the client , but this is from almost 40 mins of run time... Simply amazing.
  7. Hello, I'm not to sure on what I'm doing wrong? I start the script and it does everything perfect, but pays the fee for the furnace - then the script shuts down with no explanation? (Trying to run gold bars ) Please any tips, advice, etc. thank you
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