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  1. No worries! Thankfully it’s able to gather points and complete games just fine. Is it “perfect efficiency”? No, but that’s honestly not what I go for anyway. It’s a really awesome script and I really appreciate your hard work!
  2. I tried opening a new client, but it didn’t start up an LG one. Is there a walkthrough for using the bulk launcher?
  3. I have never used the bulk launcher, how would I go about starting everything up through it? The issue isn't starting the bot, it's that it all freezes after a minute and then crashes. I have no idea what is causing the computer to freak out
  4. This is amazing, thank you for putting it together!
  5. Hi Ark! Sorry for causing any trouble. It runs perfectly for a few minutes then starts to do this almost every time. I’m not sure if you’re referring to RL plug-ins or something else, but I launch it through Tribot and don’t touch anything.
  6. Ah, no worries then. Just figured I’d ask in case. Still cool though!
  7. No way, that’s so cool! Learn something new every day. Does the vanilla client run smoother than RL with LG? @Naton I am getting errors when trying to hook into the vanilla client. Is there another setting that needs to be ticked aside from x86?
  8. Hi @Ark, Yep, on RuneLite LG. I will babysit the bot and record a GIF and post it here. Thank you! Here's a gif that shows a particularly gnarly example. Let me know if I can provide more info. Thank you!
  9. LG isn't compatible with the vanilla client as far as I am aware. Use the version(s) of OSB and Runelite that work for you. Good luck!
  10. Hi everyone, I can't get Tribot/Runelite Jar to run for longer than a few minutes before it crashes. I can't say what the reason is, and the timing isn't the same for each crash (it varies between 2-5 minutes in). I have increased the heap size and enabled OpenGL. Is there something else I should be doing? Thanks in advance for the advice! RSPKPLAYER
  11. Hey @Ark, Loving the script so far- excellent work! Just one thing that I am having a bit of an issue with when using pouches. The bot tends to drag the pouches instead of clicking on them, resulting in not using them as often as it can (and thus getting less xp/points during the game). Is there a setting I can tick that will make it check to make sure it filled the pouch(es)? Thank you!
  12. Sorry for getting back to you so late, @Beg. Unfortunately it still crashed. I’m wondering if it’s because it’s using Runelite and not OpenOSRS (though I understand why with the recent 3rd party clients thing). Maybe I’ll try again in the future. Can you process a refund for me? Thanks a lot!
  13. I can try to increase memory, and let you know. It runs for a minute or so and then freezes up, which is basically an instant death. Will report back. Thank you!
  14. Basically, my entire Tribot window froze... it happened once in the tunnels and I died haha. I don't have the logs because I had to force quit the application. I will test this out now. Will report back. Thanks @Beg! Hey man, I can't get it to work. Crashed again. Losing too much in the caves. Can I have a refund?
  15. If I select one of the two standing positions, will the bot know how to run between them? Also, the bot crashed on me twice. Is there anything I can do to avoid this?
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