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  1. Selling bonds for 1.4M07 Currently I am : ONLINE/OFFLINE/WAITING Current stock: 0 Use this template if you want to order: Howmany Bonds are you buying?: Payment method?(GP/PAYPAL): What is you're skypename?: Did you add me on skype?(live:drking.pb): Do you agree to my ToS?: Terms Of Service: 1. You go first, I don't care what you say but I am not going first. 2. I will screenshot our transaction. 3. You must leave a feedback for me. 4. Don't try to scam me cause I will make a Scam report. ** Always ask for a PM on TriBot before you trade me **
  2. Selling this 3 Month (+1 Month FREE) XBOX Live Gold Card. I accept Paypal or RSGP (RS3). Selling it for $20.00/6.5M 07 instead of $29.99
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