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  1. How come the bot stop in the outer circle and sometimes dies in the Abyss, fast response please!
  2. Like the title says, I have a 10$ RP card that I'm looking for 3m for, shoot me a pm, comment, or add me on skype @imhibub Thanks
  3. I know you're a scripter, but you need the premium script to drop the fish. The free version only banks.
  4. Never said it didn't, right now the bot isn't working but he is never on this post to help was my point. He is a great Scripter.
  5. NewBotterFtw, I really would appreciate if you were more active on your own thread for a premium script, people are paying IRL money and when they have questions or bot failure problems, you're rarely on to answer questions or help, when others are usually the ones to answer, don't you think you could at least check your forum post once a day to help those in need that payed for your product that isn't working? I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just saying what I think other think as well as me, we bought your product, you should be there to help or answer questions about your product. Thanks.
  6. As of right now my bot has been running for 30 hours, just make sure you put in breaks every 4 hours for 5-10 mins
  7. As a level 3 you could come off as a skiller, there was something the the old school reddit forums accusing somebody of only training fletching as a botter, but almost every comment on the thread defending the account stating it might of been a skill that he liked. the man had 78m Fletch exp. I think you'll be fine
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