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  1. I mean, for most scripts I've written, I always do it in my head. It is indeed fairly easy. However, it gets a bit tedious when I have to do different scenarios/conditions which the bot will be in, in my head. So thought there might be an easier way to do that, but seems like everyone is doing the same
  2. How do you guys plan out larger scripts? I noticed when making a larger script without planning, I always end up keep changing stuff in validations etc. I like using a Flow chart when planning a smaller script, but for larger scripts it gets a bit tedious. How do you tackle this problem personally?
  3. You can use Netbeans as the GUI Builder. However, I strongly suggest not using that. Rather, experiment with different libraries, and learn from there.
  4. Seems like the script is not fully functional, according to the posts in his thread, but not sure. You can check the thread here, and maybe post what issues you are having, such as when is it breaking, how is it breaking etc.
  5. Which script are you using? Also, if the script breaks, make sure to check Client Debug and Bot Debug for any information leading to the script getting broken.
  6. Yeah, then that's because the script developer is incorrectly using static fields. To fix that, I guess you'll have to run the other accounts on seperate Tribots (As in not using the tab function, but instead starting a new Tribot process)
  7. Do you mean the paint, such as XP/HR, Xp Gained etc? Can you not see them, or are the numbers not accurate? As far as I know, this happens when the script uses static fields, which are shared by the JVM.
  8. Windows Keys + R. Then type %appdata%. You'll find the .tribot folder at the top. You then need to access the settings folder and delete hooks.dat.
  9. Yeah, tried to edit my comment earlier saying that I wasn't familiar with the API, a bit rusty, but couldn't do it for some odd reason. But you guys are correct, after having a look at @Naton's reply
  10. I'm surprised this didn't throw an error, due to using in-convertible data types, since it's an array Filters.Players.nameNotEquals(names) Assume should be Filters.Players.nameNotEquals(names[0]) data_type & and the length of the array I would suggest maybe using an ArrayList, then check if the names matches any of them in the list.
  11. Posted April 4, 2017 That's almost a year of development
  12. You don't have to say onOff == false. If you need to check if the boolean is true, you call just call the boolean, such as "onOff". If you want to check whether the boolean is false, you could do "!onOff" Reference: while(onOff){ //while loop that keeps going if acc is inside NMZ Random rand = new Random(); //Random # Generator System.out.println("Script continues..."); if(onOff){ //sets sleepTime to a different # each loop sleepTime = rand.nextInt(10000) + 5000; } General.sleep(sleepTime); //dynamic sleep inNMZ(); } Also, you don't need the second if statement, since the boolean is already true, and you'll just be repeating yourself. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if(nmzArea.contains(Player.getPosition()) == false){ //if the acc is in nmz prayer(); } Again, this could be done as such: if(!nmzArea.contains(Player.getPosition())){ //if the acc is in nmz prayer(); } --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, for the overload() method. Why are you sleeping X seconds on each call at the start. Which I've noticed you have been doing throughout your script. public void overload(){ //tests to see if need to drink overload potion General.sleep(sleepTime); int currentStrLevel = Skills.getCurrentLevel(SKILLS.STRENGTH); //gets current Str lvl System.out.println("Checking if Overload Potion is needed..."); if(currentStrLevel <= strLevel + 15){ //if strLvl is low enough drinkOverload(); System.out.println("You have drank a dose of Overload Potion."); }else{ //if Strength level is not low enough System.out.println("Character does not currently need Overload..."); } } Also, I don't think the user wants their console to be filled with logs. E.g. The code above will keep spamming that the character doesn't need overload. This can be avoided, since the user doesn't want to know that. I also suggest putting whatever action you are currently doing into the pain. E.g. "Character Attacking NPC", "Character Entering NMZ" etc.
  13. Wasn't this posted somewhere? Can't remember where I saw it.
  14. Azuz53487

    LG Working?

    Haven't used Looking Glass for good couple months, and was trying to hook it up yesterday, and seems like it isn't detecting the client. Looked around the forums, trying to find anyone with the same problem. Seems like they indeed had the same problem, but never answered back whether they have fixed the problem or not. I've made sure my Java is the same bit as the RS Client. Tried both 32-bit and 64-bit (Java & RS Client) Is LG out of order, or could it be my end and needs further investigation? Hiaaa
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