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  1. that page where i used to use credits to purchase vip-e is gon.. where would i find the new one or is it still even possibleÉ
  2. I had some credits before all these new changes happened, i took a break for a few months due to financial struggles through covid.. but i came back and it looks like i lost the credits i had.. i really wanted to try this new beast out! did i lose them for good
  3. Thank you love the speed and quality. also i noticed that it will click the deposit box at seer s.. a failsafe is triggered but it clicks over the menu for a bit before that happens . Thanks again! still no bans lol not even with your wcer
  4. 23:57:11 Script Ended: Relative Agility. 23:57:12 Downloading script 'Relative Agility'. 23:57:13 Script Started: Relative Agility. 23:57:18 Disabled all randoms. 24:46:27 ERROR An error has occurred: -3 24:46:27 ERROR java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -3 24:46:27 ERROR at org.tribot.api2007.PathFinding.isTileWalkable(qq:997) 24:46:27 ERROR at obf.oe.ta(ib:257) 24:46:27 ERROR at obf.oe.ua(ib:168) 24:46:27 ERROR at obf.oe.Pa(ib:86) 24:46:27 ERROR at org.tribot.api2007.WebWalking.walkTo(xo:108) 24:46:27 ERROR at scripts.relativeagility.util.u
  5. Hey i can log into the site but not the client.. just stent a ton on scripts and have had this issue for a few days now. ive tried changing my pass more times then i can count and still nothing. any more time eaten by this and ill be getting close to break even.. ty for any help
  6. well i didn't get banned lol keep up the good work bro !
  7. IM CRYING... bot logged into a ftp world and spammed the fally course start forever.. waiting for the ban anytime now. can we get this fixed plzz? Flawless other then that one issue.. literally run as long as i want with no bans yet... well one potential one now.. fingers crossed
  8. there is no good chinning or bursting mm1 or mm2 scripts on the market, not even on other sites
  9. noobiest thing ever... lol but can you give me an example of a string that wil generate e mails? is it regex? thank you i had a horrible teacher in college that make regex a might mare for me lol
  10. welcome.. ive been here since 2013 and still suck shit at botting but ill help as much as i can
  11. only ran into one issue after testing. if i started with the the wrong axe it will try to cut but get the message : you need the proper wc axe or whatever... had a mistake with my prep script that left the account with a steel axe in inv at lvl 5.. need lvl6.. my mistake but the other wc script i was using would just go get the right axe. Script looks just as human as me tho.. other then that check for me its flawless.
  12. are you planning on adding nmuler support? love the scripts!!
  13. just spams the map right above the inv button when in the chambers
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