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  1. Hey tri, can you update a few of your other ftp scripts please i had no idea you kept this bot up or i would have been using it like mad lol
  2. I had some credits before all these new changes happened, i took a break for a few months due to financial struggles through covid.. but i came back and it looks like i lost the credits i had.. i really wanted to try this new beast out! did i lose them for good
  3. Thank you love the speed and quality. also i noticed that it will click the deposit box at seer s.. a failsafe is triggered but it clicks over the menu for a bit before that happens . Thanks again! still no bans lol not even with your wcer
  4. 23:57:11 Script Ended: Relative Agility. 23:57:12 Downloading script 'Relative Agility'. 23:57:13 Script Started: Relative Agility. 23:57:18 Disabled all randoms. 24:46:27 ERROR An error has occurred: -3 24:46:27 ERROR java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -3 24:46:27 ERROR at org.tribot.api2007.PathFinding.isTileWalkable(qq:997) 24:46:27 ERROR at obf.oe.ta(ib:257) 24:46:27 ERROR at obf.oe.ua(ib:168) 24:46:27 ERROR at obf.oe.Pa(ib:86) 24:46:27 ERROR at org.tribot.api2007.WebWalking.walkTo(xo:108) 24:46:27 ERROR at scripts.relativeagility.util.u
  5. well i didn't get banned lol keep up the good work bro !
  6. IM CRYING... bot logged into a ftp world and spammed the fally course start forever.. waiting for the ban anytime now. can we get this fixed plzz? Flawless other then that one issue.. literally run as long as i want with no bans yet... well one potential one now.. fingers crossed
  7. there is no good chinning or bursting mm1 or mm2 scripts on the market, not even on other sites
  8. noobiest thing ever... lol but can you give me an example of a string that wil generate e mails? is it regex? thank you i had a horrible teacher in college that make regex a might mare for me lol
  9. only ran into one issue after testing. if i started with the the wrong axe it will try to cut but get the message : you need the proper wc axe or whatever... had a mistake with my prep script that left the account with a steel axe in inv at lvl 5.. need lvl6.. my mistake but the other wc script i was using would just go get the right axe. Script looks just as human as me tho.. other then that check for me its flawless.
  10. 5 hours straight is heavy, I struggle to go over an hour straight before logging out for some reason while actually playing. aswell, when I used to use this script I found a huge difference in play style between me and the script... if you have 2 mains that already have established play styles and "track record" running a very efficient script might be triggering something.. I always had more luck with accounts that played there first game and everyone after strictly with the script. just that helps
  11. ive found this to.. maybe they need more gold introduced because of all the new players?? I dunno
  12. @Fluffee ive had this problem for a while now..vip and script just wasting Does it matter what jdk you run openosrs from? Can I see what you guys are running for java both for the client and tribot? thank you
  13. I have never had this much trouble with looking glass.. what the hell happened
  14. I got openosrs and runelite to work with jdk 11 but when I have jdk 11 installed tribot wont work.. then when I have jdk 8 installed openosrs and runelite wont work. is there a way to specify what java to use with each program ? This java stuff could drive someone mad I swear lol mad respect for all scripters
  15. yeah I had the normal java 8 update 241 from java.com or whatever then downloaded the jdk and still had the problem. I'm just uninstalling both and trying to just install the jdk, maybe that will help? Same jni error with just jdk but after that popup comes one that says A JAVA EXCEPTION HAS OCCURED I don't get it lol I already paid for vip for Lookingglass to so this is all just straight down time.
  16. Hey guys, So fresh install so I go ahead and download the normal java and then the jdk.. I keep getting some popup, Java Virtual Machine Launcher Error: a jni error has occurred, please check install and try again. I get that when I try and run any normal .jar client like runelite or openosrs. Anyone know whats going on here? Thanks guys Edit: Running win 10
  17. also, when it falls on the swing or the log crossing thing it sometimes goes right back to the start. there might be a bug recording the obstacle it fell on and just resets back at the start? I started to think that's the only way to get the course exp is to redo the whole thing but after I tested it that turned out to be false. Thank you!! Amazing script!
  18. first off, im shit at explaining things so work with me. At wildy course the req is 52 to get in, but only 48 or 49 once your in there, so you can boost with summer pie to get in then agility pots to meet the lvl 49 swing req. So im already in.. im lvl 50 now so once im in I don't need to boost. The script isn't registering this and keeps shutting off due to lack of level req. you know what u mean? lol maybe a check to see if your in course and if you meet the swing req of lvl 49? if in course and lvl greater then 49 no boost needed. It works if I boost
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