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  1. Happy to see more trusted gold buyers will for sure be using when my internet is back up and working fine
  2. cant wait to try!such a great scripter please help him out with the bugs in good format he deserves it and its free which is unreal
  3. Will go first for sure if trusted and you need to be verified and may need ID if your low feedback and not verified! Leave your skype here on forum then pm me
  4. Nice will deff skype you up when my paypal is verified Recommend this guy to anyone so quick and reliable!
  5. [Offline for 4 hours] Feel free to leave your order or skype/phone# though and will get to you soon! Hey tribot I am selling membership cards for 3.7m maybe little cheaper if you buy more I WILL go first if you have decent feedback If you do not have over 15 feedback I will not Open for a MM though leave your skype here and il pm to verify it is me
  6. Are you talking about rs3 or oldschool since you need VIP for free scripts and if you have premium scripts you will always have those unless its /m instaid of /a
  7. Very helpful and professional person :)

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