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  1. would be nice if u add tele when u get strange boxes and fix the mouse the mouse is bugged its too fast just run the script and see what i mean. when are u able to fix it? thanks.
  2. hmm weird.. maybe you missed something? remove everything from your inventory then start the bot.. its working for me only thing is bad about it sometimes the mouse act weird and when it gets strange boxes it doesnt tele to solve them, thats all!
  3. just dont bot on more than 1 acc and you will last longer jagex finds you when u bot on more than 1 acc at a time even if u use proxys it wont work Dont bot overnight.. it will get u banned if bot gets stuck
  4. [21:51:40] Downloading script 'aMiner [Runite]'. [21:52:08] Unable to load script 'aMiner [Runite]'.
  5. i just saw it theres a j mod who viewed my profile just check my profile and see.. u cant view his profile wth.. edit: its not there anymore so dont waste ur time checking my profile.
  6. just dont run more than 1 acc at a time and u will last longer with only 1 acc botting and i have never been banned i only run 1 acc at a time..
  7. hey did u test it? cus it still getting stuck on the way to pollnivneach and the script isnt updated i cant leave my acc for more than 3 hours now cus i have to keep refilling waterskins im having the same problem as bamf954
  8. it keeps getting stuck while going to pollnivneach to fill waterskins.. yesterday it was working great...
  9. was it perm? and did u bot 24 hours a day? did u bot on multiple accs at same time? lol i havnt been banned on my noob acc yet, botted it to 105 cb at green drags... btw this is the best gdk bot ive used so far
  10. hey .. the script doesnt attack dragons fast, so other bots are stealing my kills what it does is it walks to a dragon and wait for the dragon to attack it
  11. anyways using prayer is not worth it cus theres no tab for prayer armour just kill the monsters that doesnt need prayer
  12. does it not drink prayer potions? at dragons tasks? if yes then it wasnt only me... mute said it was only me so i stopped using the script... i thought my bot was bugged
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