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  1. Breaks are always a good thing to do. Personally I don't use them. I run the script for a minimum of 10 hours at a time with no bans yet. But I'm honestly trying to push my luck and see what it takes to get banned. Have run for 24hours+ several times. Only messes up if something with the client goes wrong.
  2. Been running for 20 hours, good so far. This is gonna be a long wait for 50 hours! Only stopping if I get 90 str before then.
  3. Heres a 24hour proggy for ya. Was gonna go for longer but wanted to pk lol. Re-supplied and going for a 50 hour proggy now.
  4. Thanks for the response. i checked my event log and all it showed was logging in and out. But i'll attempt to use the script again and see how it does. Btw, i apologize if my first post came off as rude.
  5. Bought the script last night. Babysat for about an hour. Left it run with 10k iron knives, plenty of food and good gear. Checkef it this morning and it gained 100k xp and died sometime there after. Account has over 70hp and was set to eat at 40 +/-5. Not sure what the problem is. Lost about 1m plus $7 to a script I can't trust. I know way am I trying to run down this script, just posting my own experience with it. If you would like to chat on Skype about the problem, feel free to pm me and I will get you my Skype.
  6. just started running the script, seems absolutely flawless. tried at several different banks and it knows exactly what to do. have even tried putting the logs in different spots and it finds them with ease. only have 2.5k magics in the bank so wont have a very good proggy. but definatly think i'll be using this until 99 wc and fletching. thanks for the great script!!!!!!! Only thing i would suggest is if its not much trouble, possibly add a cut and string method. But hey, im not complaining since its free! thanks again.
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