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  1. 2 Days reimbursement is better than 0. Cheers for keeping us updated.
  2. Routes are pretty safe, I've run this on 4 level 3's for a total of(roughly) 50 Hours. None of them died.
  3. I've been running 2.08 for 2 days now, only stopping to buy ess, and still not banned. So, for now, I guess the nature ban-spree is over. Still, be careful!
  4. No matter how many copies of this are sold; there are always other bots out there that will do the same.
  5. Had to stop to buy ess . 15K Should give a decent proggy though.
  6. Price is in OP. Yes. Feel free to wear a RoL. www.skype.com <-- Simples. That's really up to you to decide. (But yes, yes it is )
  7. From OP: 5. Why I don't accept paypal? I currently need RSGP atm for personal use(obviously to use in game). In a few days hopefully I'll be making an update of when I'll be accepting paypal.
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