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  1. What is the ban rate on this script guys?
  2. Hey mate the script looks excellent I'm just getting back into the community after a short hiatus. I had one question pertaining to the setup i use for botting and if it would be okay to use for this script without any mess ups. If I run my slaves off my desktop and my master through my laptop would their be any issues with the auths?
  3. If I want to buy more than one auth can I run both accounts at the same time. By the way the script looks excellent it's one of the best I've seen by the way the proggys look! =)
  4. selling name change also to make finding me easier
  5. Selling bond for 1.1-1.3m each depending on quantity purchased. Skype name: Aureus365 LIMITED TIME OFFER all bonds 1.1m ea! Needed skype info: Amount of bonds you wish to purchase. Link to Tribot profile. *Membership Pins will be available soon*
  6. selling bulk leather message me.
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