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  1. AlphaSmither 4.5 Released This release comes with the following: Support for the new smithing interface Fix for a bug that caused smelting the wrong bars Should now work with resizable mode Refund notice: This script has been (partly) broken for a while now. I had a lot going on and lacked behind on script updates. Anyone that bought this script in the last couple of months and wants a refund, please send me a PM. I am going to actively support and update this script where needed. Bug reports and suggestions for improvements are appreciated!
  2. AlphaSmither 4.1 released Improved walking to the anvil / furnace if it is already on screen (using resize mode)
  3. Good point, I will try to rework the walking system to work in a more human way on resizable mode. I expect to have time for it next weekend. Until then it might be wise to not use resizable.
  4. I am going to push an update this weekend that will resolve this issue. Thanks for your report
  5. Making molten glass gives you crafting exp and is therefor considered to be a crafting skill (not smithing)
  6. That is abnormal. The CPU should barely increase while running the script (comparing to be logged in without running any script).
  7. I have been extremely busy with non-related RS things. I don't need any help of other scripters, however, if someone is up for helping me test and report about what exactly is broken, that would be great!
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