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  1. I am interested in this script. But first can you elaborate on how the 600k/hr is made? I only see 1 proggy with 600k/hr. So I'm a bit skeptical. Also can you confirm that this script can maintain 600k/hr?
  2. So what exactly would stray my account from being labeled as a pure? Having prayer, mage and range?
  3. I never take breaks. Been botting for 3 days straight. when I get banned. I will edit this post.
  4. Ah okay. Think I'll try whip dds. Boxing seems really bland to me. If it doesn't work out i'll just make this account my main. Thanks for the advice <33
  5. Are there a lot of benefits to 1 defense? and also ruling in that it would be hard to find a duel. Also opinions on getting prayer just so I can train 3x faster?
  6. I did find my account clicking the bank constantly and it would just get stuck because the doors won't open. I don't know if that's something you can fix. But I thought I should bring it to your attention o:
  7. I love this script man! So far no problems. Hopefully it stays that way. Thanks (:
  8. But this script is still fine for Shilo Village, yes?
  9. Also instead of right clicking and banking cowhides.. You should do Deposit Inventory. Cause sometimes you get random events and if you don't deposit those it's going to lower the hides per hour.
  10. Samurai Champloo perhaps?

  11. Doesn't bank for me. I selected Lumby Top floor.
  12. Does this bot eat food while you're fighting cows?
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