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  1. Trying the trial. It's working great for BS btw
  2. Should make that progressive cow killer/tan collector/tanner Also when you say "auth" how many instances can we use?
  3. Account creator is still not working. It says "account creation failed".
  4. It's a simple mining script, with only one static location (maybe more depending on price). Add me on skype: 1226-220-9640
  5. It keeps getting stuck at certain coordinates around falador. I will post pictures in a minute. But it's been stuck 4 times now. I am trying to create a new path. It says no path found, but I've remade this path ... 4 times; 2 walking and 2 running please help.
  6. Actually sounds like a really cool and stable system. Beats spending 3 hours to create accounts just to have them banned the next day. I have a few questions if you don't mind answering: 1.) How many bots are on each proxy? 2.) How do you choose which proxy provider is reliable/safe? (Won't get your account locked/banned) 3.) How long have you been doing this for? Cheers to all the success!
  7. Good shit, can't wait to see more updates. Go big or go home!
  8. Great customer service. A+ Works like a charm. Will report back if any issues pop up.
  9. Consistently getting stuck here: Always with a full inventory and rocks blocking the path.
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